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May 4, 2011

Bits and Bobs


There has been so much going on in my TV life! There was of course the Royal Wedding and then the big international Navy SEALS Are Hot news and those crazy real housewives of New York. This is turning out to be a great May sweeps season. I love teevee.

Oh, speaking of New York... have you seen this video on youtube of a woman living in a 90 square foot apartment in Manhattan? I find New Yorkers to be utterly fascinating, like they are from another world. Apparently no one ever cooks in New York City and everyone uses the oven for storage. All I know about New York I have learned from TV and TV never lies.

And there is new Obesity TV, you know I never miss a moment of that. Have you been watching Addicted To Food on OWN? You could not pay me a bazillion dollars to get in front of a camera or sit in a group and talk about my mommy issues but it does make for oddly voyeuristic TV. Also, is it true that there is a television program called Extreme Couponing? Does it feature people with gigantic scissors cutting coupons while skydiving? This is what I imagine.

The most interesting interview I've seen in a long time was yesterday's Oprah show with Shania Twain. Half the time I was thinking, hello! She went through my divorce! Except of course I did not live in a Swiss Chalet. And I didn't personally know the other woman. And also I am not a famous country singer. But still! Such similar emotions. After I saw the interview I recorded a season pass to Shania Twain's new docu-reality-show also on OWN. Oh Oprah Winfrey, you and your network will keep me happily indoors on hot days.

It's going to be 97 degrees today! Summer came on early and strong! If you're not watching TV it's perfect weather to go to the beach with a book, and my book of choice is of course The Great Gatsby, our book club selection for May. Don't forget to come back on May 23rd to talk about the book! You still have time, it's a very slim little novel and you can read it in a weekend. And you'll feel smart at parties. "What did you do last weekend?" "Oh, just the usual, made spaghetti, did a little shopping, read The Great Gatsby, worked on a cure for cancer."

May 23rd! Great Gatsby Book Club Discussion!


Reader Johann wrote: Can you do a blog post on tips for moving REALLY fast? I'll bet you learned something from your sudden move.

Well, I did learn many things and although I'm not sure how useful they will be I am happy to share.

1) When you have to move FAST -- even if you hate it and don't want to do it and have all kinds of emotional issues about it -- the priority is to move first, fall apart majestically later.

2) The essentials are: find new place, switch utilities, get your mail forwarded (you can do it online), get boxes and tape, get packed, get moving. I didn't have time to sort and file and pare down before the move and I didn't have time to be super organized and color code or label boxes and in fact I didn't even have time to clean this new apartment before moving into it. BUT I LIVED. Take care of the essentials and the rest will follow.

3) Get busy. The natural human tendency is to sit in the closet and gnaw on your arm but the process will go much easier if you just 100% commit to the move and get it done. You can even make a nice running list of stuff to complain about later, and stuff to worry about later. Resist the urge to huddle in a ball under the covers. Pack a box instead.

4) The world will keep spinning on its axis if you just throw all your stuff randomly into boxes. It won't be the easiest move but you will live.

5) Pack one suitcase or special box or bag with your underwear and REMEMBER WHICH ONE IT IS.

6) Ask the movers to move your fridge out last and in first so you can get it plugged in as quickly as possible. (I didn't have time to even clean out my fridge before the move and still, I lived!) (Of course maybe where you live apartments come with refrigerators. Not so in the city of Angels.)

I guess what I am saying here is that even if your move is unexpected and awful and afterward you have to go to therapy twice a week like some people and hide in your closet and cry into a pizza, it's OK. After the big sucking part you will, in time, manage to figure out a new normal. This is not comforting in the moment and probably not helpful during the move. But I figure if an OCD control enthusiast such as myself can do a massive throw-it-together move completely by herself in two-and-a-half days (except for the actual day of the move I hired some guys) and still be standing upright then anyone can do it.

(Wow that last sentence was crazy convoluted. Take that, editors of the world!)

A move doesn't have to be perfectly organized or plotted three months in advance or carefully coordinated. Yes, that would be ideal. But sometimes you just have to go with it and make the very best of what you've got.

I think that's what I learned from this whole experience. There was a part of me that deeply wanted to push against it and resist it and dig my heels in and complain like it was the World Olympic Complaining Marathon. But the very best course of action for me was to go with the flow, accept the reality, get it done and deal with the fallout later. It's been a few weeks now and I'm still worried about how much this cost and I still can't quite fit my sofa in my new living room in any configuration that makes sense, but I'm alive. I'm alive and I have a roof over my head and I finally got the yarn unpacked.

Hope your move goes well. Use the cheapy brown tape instead of the clear moving tape -- it's stickier and works better.

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