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April 2, 2011

OCD In The House

Nobody does obsessive contact papering like me. Yes, of course my OCD brethren are out there representing, but I believe if there were a contest for shelf papering I would win the sanitized emblem of stickiness for eternity.

Contact paper is the world's finest barrier between me and the previous renter's germs. I first clean with clorox wet wipes, scrub hard and long, then coat every cabinet and drawer with contact paper. I clean the baseboards, the grout, use a toothbrush on the sinks. Then cut and angle and position contact paper.

It is Sunday and I have not unpacked one single box because I am still cleaning. Germaphobia is a cruel taskmaster.

I know the property management company hired somebody to clean this place before I moved in but my idea of clean is a little different from the general idea of clean. There must be disinfecting, scrubbing, stain removal, shelf papering for Armageddon. If I weren't so averse to touching other people's stuff I think I could have a huge business in OCD apartment cleaning. No one but no one cleans like a stressed-out germaphobe.

Guess it is better than heroin addiction.

Posted by laurie at April 2, 2011 9:45 PM