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April 3, 2011

iPhone pics from the week

Have you just about switched completely from your digital camera to your phone camera? My phone cam doesn't take pictures as crisply and beautifully as my camera, but it's awfully convenient!

The line at the DMV, out the building and around the corner. It was a pretty day, though, I got a tan:


One small corner of Box City:


You know, even when they are perched atop chaos those original Burke star-based chairs look awesome:


Here's a cool car I saw in a parking garage this week, it was in pristine condition:


The original California woody. Love:


Here is how an OCD person puts down shelf paper:


(If I do say so myself I kind of rule the world of contact paper. First, clean your surface and if you are a germaphobe, disinfect it well. Let air dry. Next, cover every available surface with contact paper to seal out the germs of the previous tenants. AWESOME with a cold glass of pinot grigio served in a red plastic cup. Contact paper from Target, under $6. Feeling cleansed and in control of one single cabinet: priceless.)

And finally, the Soba in the new sitting spot:


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