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March 24, 2011

What I Know For Sure

Oprah has a whole column in her self-titled magazine about what she knows for sure. It's my favorite part of the magazine (along with Martha Beck, who I love. Thanks, life coach by proxy!) Here in the land of the nutjob and boobjob I also know some things for sure. Im'a let you talk ... but first I think we're in some weird swirling vortex of worldwide PMS and we need to be on high alert. Something is up! People! I feel it in traffic, in the way people are at the grocery store, in line at Rite-Aid (seriously, Dude With EarBob Phone, do not rush the man in the wheelchair!)

Also I feel it in my bones, plus my life has exploded so there's some proof. What I am saying is be aware of the crazy energy. Read your gut feeling first and follow it. This is good advice I wish I would have told myself in January. Nonetheless, it's never too late to follow your gut. Mine is telling me many things, some of which are chocolate-related.

What I know for sure:

On the days I feel all alone in my life, in my city, when I'm not sure how I will make it through a thing, I know I have you in my back pocket. You may think your little funny comment or link doesn't even cross my desk but you're wrong. I read your comment, click your link, sometimes email a teary thanks. I am as imperfect and flawed as they come and yet we all found each other. I know I have been a poor correspondent and unlikely host. But I have mad appreciation for you. From you I have learned about good books, excellent TV shows, metaphysical writers, that flylady who evangelizes a clean sink and of course greenies pill pockets.

Thanks, man.

Something else I know for sure: You all know some profound sh!t. Reader Jackie wrote to me yesterday, "I am a willow, I can bend." I needed to hear that. Hell yeah I am a (chubby) willow, I can bend and straighten back up and weep and do all kinds of crazyass stuff you do not expect from tress. Represent! Word to your Willow.

I am in the midst of Large Size Shenanigans here at Chez Spinster. Being alone is easy, until it's hard, and I have felt alone and dramatical lately. My friend Jennifer stepped up like a superhero and I hope you go tell her she is a righteous babe. My friend Corey (no website, what, is she living in a pre-AOL world?) is also a superhero. I'm not always sure how to be a good friend but I am learning from the examples of these ladies.

My updates for the next days may be sporadic or they may be tipsy outpourings of blah blah. No telling! There is a lot going on.

Finally, the last thing I know for sure: One day we will all laugh at this and I will tell the story of March, 2011 and in the story I will probably be taller. No. I will definitely be taller.

In the meantime I am maintaining.

I did take a pic of my cool-but-scary racecar yellow nails on my man hands:


Last night I stayed up late and painted my nails a friendly bubblegum pink, and so the reign of yellow has ended. Pink makes me feel optimistic and I need that today. The most cheerful things I know are pink, or chocolate-covered, or wearing fur pants. SPEAKING OF WHICH. Here are some recent pictures of the fur-pants set. As you can see they are not ruffled one bit by the world's PMS.



I love that zen. They have this willow stuff on LOCK.

Posted by laurie at March 24, 2011 6:02 PM