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February 17, 2011

The city that Ugg built

Yesterday it actually rained a bit in the morning and it was very exciting. I woke up, made coffee and watched the morning news and traffic report from my bed while the sweet thrill of schadenfreude washed over me. It's like a little birthday present every day that it rains and I don't have to get in my Jeep and ride the clutch all the way to downtown. It's only about 14 miles away but it can easily be a two-hour voyage in the rain.

You may wonder why we're so terrified of the mist. Here is the weather forecast:



But when it came time to do the man-on-the street portion of Super Mega Storm Trackermageddon, it was actually bright and sunny and beautiful outside. After even a little mist this city turns into a sparkling, crisp little jewel. So our intrepid news reporter Leo Stallworth (one of my favorites, he always gets the weather stories and he is ridiculously entertaining) stood outside in his blue slicker and showed us what is forecast for Southern California:


Water will fall from the big Evian bottle in the sky. Drive carefully, folks.

If I didn't take pictures of my own television you know you'd think I made all this stuff up. Admit it, secretly you want to come here on vacation and watch Channel 7 news during STORMWATCH. Don't you? Bring your Ugg boots. You'll need them to blend in with the natives.

- - -

There is a cat picture at the end.

So it was kind of dark in the room and my iphone doesn't do a great job in low light but I think even with the poor quality you can see that this is a work of art. I want a sculpture of this pose.


He makes me laugh.

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