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February 2, 2011

That wind-blown look

We have Santa Ana winds blowing everywhere. When I first moved to Los Angeles eleventeen years ago I did not realize that a place with very little weather could have so much crazyass wind.

My houseguest canceled on me and my swimming class got postponed because the pool is leaking or something, and my TV isn't working ... all I get is this when I turn it on:


All the channels look furry!

- - -

Tomorrow I'm announcing the new book club selection with a twist. But when is the best day for us to meet back and talk about it? Is a month too short? It feels short. But Mid-March is spring break, right? Let me know what you think is a reasonable amount of time to read a normal-sized fiction book (it's not Pillars of The Earth, promise.)

Though if we ever do pick a humongous book as a book club read it will also count as that month's cardio.

- - -

Bob does cardio:


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