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February 20, 2011

Change is no old friend of mind. Old enemy, perhaps.

Yet change is as always marching forward and onward like a soldier who became part man, part android and has been stuck in an infinite loop of marching ever onward ever since.

I got a little lost in my metaphor there, but the theme today is ch-ch-change. Brew your coffee strong this morning and add to it what you see fit for such a topic. I will be adding organic half & half but if I weren't driving out to meet up with Jennifer shortly I would be tipping in the calvados. Strong coffee with that little extra warmth. Oh yeah.

Possible Change Scenario # 1:

It has come to my attention that the masthead image on this here website, while amusing for the inherently naughty nature of a 1960s Bernat knitwear model having to strike such devious little poses, may not be what you want to look at when you hear my voice in your head in the mornings. Many readers have sent me letters saying they do not think it is a good representation of this crazy Aunt we have, funky ol' Aunt Purl.

Also it was pointed out to me that since people might mistakenly believe that woman IS me, that I should reconsider my doppelganger.

I will leave this one in your hands. All in favor of changing say aye. All opposed to change on pure principle, say naye. All those who said aye also signed a contract waiving their rights to complain about a new masthead should one appear. (The waivers are in real small print.) (hee)

I'm open to changing it up. And I need some help on Movable Type so if you know anyone who is an expert please hook us up. My brain hurts thinking about the code.

Possible Change Scenario # 2:

It's time to ponder -- mayhaps not change -- but ponder the nature of the eReader.

For a die-hard paper book lover such as myself, this might be an awkward and at times painful move but after trying to clean my office again for the bazillionth time I finally admit my books are out of control.

My home is full of stuff and of all that stuff the absolute heaviest and largest chunk of stuff is the books and all the furniture required to shelve said books. They take over this house and if I can manage to get some off the walls and into an eReader, it would be a miracle of space-saving.

Right now my thinking is between the iPad and the Kindle. I like the iPad because it's easy to use (after all it's just a gigantic toddler version of an iPhone) but the size itself seems to be a drawback to me for reading on it. Its bonus feature to me is that you can play scrabble on it and surf and do all that stuff on one gadget. But the kindle looks like a better size to hold and read, and it has a qwerty keyboard and it holds a whole lot of books. Plus, I am so tuned in to amazon I even have the shopping app on my phone. Love me some amazon.com. The Kindle also has no service fees, you just pay as you buy books.

So I'd love to hear from Kindlers and iPadders (They really named it that? I'm still amused. Make one with dri-weave now, please?) and if you Nookers and Sony eReader aficionados want to chime in I would love to hear from you, too. Tell us the pros and cons of your favorite device, how you use it, how sturdy it is, how reliable it's been and anything else you think can help us.

Because I am not the only one thinking about adding an eReader into the book cave, am I?

I can really only ponder two big change items in a day so there you have it. And don't worry, you won't insult my delicate southern feelings if you speak your mind on the masthead. I already know I want to change the wording a bit (see what expensive therapy does? I can now change a sentence!) and feel free to reassure me that I am not the only late adopter with this eReading thing. But I see why it could be so necessary now. You get the book immediately and you don't have to store it on your shelf.

Of course I would have to keep some books, many books, let's be real. But if I could clear out my trashy paperbacks section and put those on an eReader I would lose about 190 pounds of stuff and free up a whole area in the bookshelves for the yarn books. Amazing. The times they are a-changing.

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