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January 19, 2011

Wednesday List

Because when all else fails you can 1) start a sentence with "because" and 2) write a list. Even a sentence can be a list!

• Happy Making Tasks
Last night I made a list of things I could do that would make me happy. I'm starting to wonder if the state of happiness, which I can only seem to maintain in small bursts, might be amplified by simply doing small things that alleviate anxiety. For example, I have a pile of large items that are too big to be washed in my tiny urban-dweller washing machine, so I have been meaning to take them to the laundromat for eleventy nine days. If I just got up, loaded them in my Jeep and actually went to the laundromat and finished this task, I believe it would contribute to happiness by eliminating the low grade dissatisfaction that comes with being a big old pile of loose ends.

I will not even pretend to you that my list was a short one. But even just writing down the few things that were nagging at me in the background seemed to help. I am going to try out my laundromat theory and get back to you.

• A drought, then a deluge
I have done no publicity events in forever and now with 2011 already here and trucking onward I have two back-to-back events in mere weeks. The first is April 8th at the RT Booklovers Convention and the next day, April 9th, I am at Literary Orange. If you're able to come I'd sure love to see you! All this time to ponder my navel alone has apparently made me more happy about visiting with total strangers. Who knows what dumbass stuff will come out of my mouth! Like the time I told a group of women at an empowerment conference that I had a PhD in Drunkenology. AWESOME.

• Still can't get rid of anything, send Peter Walsh

• Teevee scares me
Not sure why I watch "Jersey Shore" but it has that trainwreck factor. Do young women really act like that? Do young women really go home with random men they meet in bars and have drunken sex in front of a camera crew and other strangers? If so, we have failed you. We, the people who are the wave just before you, have failed you profoundly. We didn't want you to face the same bad-girl stigma we were imprinted with, but we also didn't want you to lose your damn minds and give away your cookie to every hungry, anonymous stranger that looked sideways at you. We failed you.

• And Teevee burns calories
I started Tivo-ing shows I could watch while riding the exercise bike and my Tivo list has changed a bit. They have to fit a certain criteria -- the show must keep me engaged enough to keep pedaling and the show must be fast-paced enough to keep me pedaling like a hamster. I've been watching Detroit 1-8-7 since it started, and it is so good, and Hawaii 5-0, but now I have added Southland, Off The Map and a few CSIs. Do you have any actiony show suggestions?

• Knitless
I haven't been knitting much at all lately, I think I got slight burnout from the hat-making factory I became back in November. And of course it's been sunny and eighty degrees every day so it feels very un-scarflike. I love winter in Los Angeles. And when summer comes and it's time to hibernate inside a cool air conditioned room I am sure to become a sweatshop of one again.

Posted by laurie at January 19, 2011 11:40 AM