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January 20, 2011


Thursday is my favorite day of the week. Good TV, excellent placement in a list of days, never feel sad on a Thursday. Who else sings the praises of a Thursday if not me? I was born for this, people! I am all about the day of Thurs! Heed me!

Last night Jennifer and I went to dinner and talked about inner circles. Do you have one? How many people do you truly trust? Who can you call in the middle of the night? Do you feel your circle is small, as I do? Sometimes I envy those with a big circle.

At dinner Jen and I had flatiron rosemary steak, tuna tartare, shrimp and some kind of meat shish-kebab. God bless the invention of tapas. I love tapas and want to marry them and make them part of my inner circle. With a side of wine.

Still cannot manage to get rid of anything in my clutter-house yet plan instead to concentrate on cleaning my oven, because what is life without achievable goals? I can achieve a clean oven. Perhaps. Am going to clean the oven, appreciate my achievement, and then re-evaluate my life.

Will let you know how that goes.

Posted by laurie at January 20, 2011 1:47 AM