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December 20, 2010

Rainy days and hobos

Los Angeles is a notoriously casual city but when it rains here we transform from lackadaisical to downright homeless looking. Well, homeless avec Ugg boots.

It's been raining for DAYS people. We aren't used to this. It's hard for us, what with the water and all. We know other people have snow and ice and something called winter coats, but we we signed up for sunshine and palm trees in that order. And star sightings. And sushi bars next to pot shops next to Thai BBQ.

When it rains our fashion is so, so sad. We believe that rain means you can just forgo getting dressed. I was thinking this as I looked at my own clothing yesterday just before I got out of my Jeep and went into the grocery store. I had on brown, floppy yoga pants tucked into Ugg boots and an old purple T-shirt obscured entirely by a gigantic grey hoodie. I walked into the grocery store wearing something I would not normally be seen dead in my bathroom wearing. Also, I was one of the better dressed people there.

No less than six people were shopping in their pajamas, with pants legs tucked into Uggs or wellies. Everyone looked a little out of sorts and damp. These are people who drive $100,000 automobiles and yet do not own an umbrella. Or a coat. It's hard. We have so much to deal with. Like MegaDoppler and StormWatch and SigAlerts.

This dude wore not only his pajamas to the store but his bathrobe, too:


He did at least have an umbrella.

Posted by laurie at December 20, 2010 10:12 AM