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December 27, 2010

My favorite week of the year

This is my favorite week of the year, that little gap between Christmas and the new year. It's calm and the weather is usually lovely and traffic is at a year-end low. For one thing people have calmed the hell down and you don't see so much of the angry GET OUT OF MY WAY I HAVE IMPORTANT ERRANDS tailgating. People are less aggressive and ridiculous in general, after all the rush and stress of the holiday are past and now everyone can sit back, drink the wine and eat all the carbs they want because in just a few days they'll make a New Year's Resolution to get it all together.

I've been thinking about my New Year's Resolutions. I love a list, my tombstone will probably be a bullet-point list. I love lists! They make me feel in control of the world, if I just write it on my list it is possible that I can change around my whole life.

This year I did actually change around my whole life. Not in the way I expected, but still. No complaining from my end.

The cats are happy, too, they've been enjoying their new Christmas present, one furry blanket that they take turns burrowing in until comfortable:



You will notice la Soba is not in these pictures, she can't be bothered with any of this, she is stretched out before the fireplace reading The Art Of War.

Are you making resolutions? I've heard some readers say they're using a single word as a resolution, like a concept for the year. You'd think I'd be all over that like a navel-gazer is all over a mountaintop but I'm more into my bullet points. My favorite resolution was from reader Susie who said a year or so ago she resolved to "Eat more bacon!" which cracked me right up. Anyway, for those of you who hate resolutions with the burning fire of a thousand boiling suns you can just go over to your corner and eat worms and wave your fingers of doom, but I'd love to hear from everyone else on what you hope to accomplish in 2011, or what your word is, or what it is that you want to bring into your life (or get rid of, as the case may be.)

I love resolutions because they're hopeful and speak to what kind of life we want to live. For some of us that hope that tomorrow can be full of some new possibility is the crack cocaine that keeps us living another day.

And anyway, I am living proof that deciding you want to be in a different (better) place in 365 days can actually work. Though not at all in any way I could have ever pictured, plotted or imagined. The universe has a funny sense of humor.

Maybe I too, should vow to eat more bacon.

Posted by laurie at December 27, 2010 9:55 AM