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December 23, 2010

I Survived Stormageddon 2010!


Los Angeles after a rainstorm is an object of beauty like no other. The city is shiny and clean and everyone is so happy, we are delirious with happiness! Because the sun is out and all is right with the world. I went to the post office and people were happy! I went to the grocery store and everyone was on a sunshine high! They were still in pajamas and Ugg boots, of course, but we can't be expected to recover from seven whole days of rain all so suddenly. But we are happy, and that is what matters. We know how to drive in sunshine. It's a Christmas miracle.

It is especially beautiful if you only look up:


If you look down, however, you will discover our seedy secret, our dark underbelly, our citywide shock that water repeatedly fell from the sky and landed on the earth.



Welcome to Potholesikstan!

I don't know why our roads aren't water-resistant. Seems like if you're making a road you might want to plan for the contingency of a little rain, even out here. Maybe the state gets our road material at a discount because it dissolves under water. Very inneresting. I understand flooding and mudslides and all the stuff that goes with unexpectedly heavy rain out here but I don't understand the pothole-a-palooza that happens after water touches asphalt. Every road developed huge crumbling sinkholes. Very mysterious.

So the solution is clear -- just look up, where everything is beautiful again and sunny and it's safe to leave the house. I love you, Los Angeles. I love your palm trees and your blue skies and your water-soluble roadways.


Posted by laurie at December 23, 2010 10:55 AM