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November 2, 2010

Today is the greatest day of the year

Yes, it's election day. And I am going to share with you why this is THE GREATEST DAY of this year. Sure, it's a day when we get to exercise our constitutional right and let our voices be heard and grease the ever-chugging wheels of our federal republic which many people call democracy.

But, more importantly, it is the last day we have to see those constantly blaring negative political ads! For at least one full day we'll be free of the nastiness. Then I assume it starts all over again on November 4th for the 2012 election.

One of the major downsides of all that horrible political campaigning is that no matter who gets elected you feel suspicious and unhappy with the winner. Here in California the TV ads for Governor have been running since February (!!) and Meg Whitman's radio ads started running back in 2009 (!!!) so we've been listening to a YEAR of nasty campaigning. It's like those stores that start decorating for Christmas in June. It makes a person crazy.

The last time I voted I was still living in Encino-adjacent, also known as ghetto proximus. So my polling place was at a Guatemalan evangelical church in a strip mall, sandwiched in between a taco shop and a bail bond business. It was very exciting to vote that day, a line stretched around the block and it took so long to get inside that by the time I got finished casting my ballot I was more than ready for a couple of carne asada tacos. Today I voted at my new polling place, also known as my old before-divorce polling place, it was very pleasant but without the wafting smell of onions and cilantro.

I love voting. The first thing I did on my 18th birthday was have a diet Sun Drop for breakfast ... and the second thing I did was to fill out my voter registration card. I like the retired folks who man the polling stations and the way everyone is friendly and sort of excited. (It's strange how that vibe completely contradicts the awful tone of the campaigns, isn't it?) I love the "I voted!" sticker. I have very strong feelings about the sticker, which is why I never vote absentee.

Now I get to look forward to tomorrow, the first day in a year with no political ads. And if Prop 19 passes I'm going out to buy a bong. Oh just kidding! You know I already have one.

You want me to pose? Sure I'll pose.

You put a sticker on me? Very funny, wiseguy.
Wait until I get into your closet.

Posted by laurie at November 2, 2010 12:07 PM