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November 15, 2010

Only 39 days left, you know


Are you horrified?

I wouldn't blame you if you were. But I love Christmas. I love the twinkly lights and the chilly weather and the way it gets dark so early. And why not decorate already? More time to enjoy the view.

Last night I went for a walk and all the shops on the Boulevard were lit up with holiday lights and it felt very festive and happy and sparkly. I haven't put up my real tree downstairs yet, just this little tinsel tree on my desk. But I foresee a Christmas Tree in my week, yes I do.

- - -

This is how a cat walks a human:


While I appreciate all the well-meaning catloving souls who have sent me pleading letters and written dire comments imploring me not to use a collar and leash because I am killing my cat with a collar instead of a harness, let me assure you that this is as far as we have ever gotten on our "walks" with the leash: the doormat. The collar is merely a decoration, a way of the cat showing me she can get me to do any silly thing she desires.

We've lived together for over twelve years now and I know her persnickity ways. She won't even walk into the kitchen because the tile is too cold for her delicate dictator's toes.

Our "walks" take about 30 seconds. I open the door, she stands in the doorway. Upon discovering that the door does not lead to a catnip forest with flowing rivers of Meow Mix, she looks at me, bored for another day, and then we shut the door. It's not like we're out jogging together.

I think the pink collar is fine for forays to the doormat.

- - -

Other cats get their exercise the old-fashioned way:


Work it out, Bob!

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