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November 24, 2010

Oh, Teevee, How I love Thee

I love that this year's biggest most life-threatening issue in America has been the final three lineup on Dancing With The Stars. Personally I wasn't invested in the outcome, but that is probably because I am still holding a grudge from the season many years ago when Cheetah Girl Sabrina Bryan was voted off. Fester much?

Mostly I was impressed that Jennifer Grey wasn't just the winner, she was a 50-year old gal who could outrun me twice over. Did you see also-50-year-old Robin Roberts shimmy away on this morning's Good Morning America? I love seeing women in their 50s looking smoking hot, it's awesome. What did you think about the season ... were you morally outraged, slightly bemused or just wondering why all the sudden you wished Kyle would win?

By far my newest TV guilty pleasure is The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, even though this is really The Real Housewives of Los Angeles, trust me when I assure you that level of insanity is not particular to the 90210 but is in fact alive and well all over this freakydeaky place. Those fishlips on Taylor and that weird, Frankensteiny blonde twig thing that makes all women of a certain income level look suspiciously alike happens all the way from the 818 to the 714.

The dueling birthday parties episode was high art (Taylor's weird husband, the scene of their kid hanging out alone with the nanny, the terrible despair of getting a new puppy, so tragic!) My favorites are Lisa and her husband and that goofy dog which I believe is half the size of Bob's last hairball.

But it's the former Mrs. Kelsey Grammer that makes this show fascinating and surreal. When she was in her big, hallucinated fight with Kyle (who is truly stop-traffic beautiful) and Camille went on and on and on about how much better her husband was than Kyle's husband I was having fits. My husband won an Emmy and is a celebrity and since I sleep with him I am SO MUCH BETTER than you, you with the beautiful husband and the happy marriage and the cute kids. You don't even have four nannies or eighteen houses or a paid entourage of people to kiss your butt, you are nothing! (smug giggle)

Juicy. Trashy. Teevee!!

As for the new shows, I still watch Hawaii 5-0, mostly for Scott Caan, and sometimes Nikita, along with Detroit 1-8-7 (I have a crush on Fitch), and Hellcats, which I love and don't care what you think of me for admitting it. What are you watching? Have you also been abducted by the Beverly Hills Housewives? Say I'm not the only one...

Posted by laurie at November 24, 2010 9:17 AM