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November 12, 2010

Name This Movie

My Uncle Truman doesn't use computers. He has never been on the internet and furthermore he is still upset that Walker, Texas Ranger isn't on the TV anymore. He's hilarious. He makes me laugh.

When he needs research, he calls me, because I have "the innernet on a lot." That was how we started talking about this old movie he'd seen this one time and he cannot for the life of him remember the name or who starred in it.

I researched and looked up every keyword combination I could think of but I came up empty-handed. So I'm turning this over to you, Readers Who Mysteriously Know All Kinds Of Crazy Stuff. I can only assume you have more innernets on where you live.

In 1963, my Uncle Truman was a soldier living overseas when he and some Army buddies got sent to West Berlin. He was a 22-year-old kid from South Texas and he said that the most amazing thing he'd ever run across was right there in West Berlin ... not the Brandenburg Gate or Checkpoint Charlie, but a very elegant little nightclub/cafe that he and his friends visited. Inside the club, the tables each had a phone and if you wanted to dance with one of the beautiful women seated there you would call them and ask on the telephone.

Now here's the mystery as-yet unsolved by my home innernets: According to my Uncle there is a black and white movie out there somewhere that has a scene like this, with the bar/club/restaurant that has the phones at the tables.

Have you ever seen this movie? I want to find it for him for his upcoming 70th birthday but I have no idea what the movie is. I asked him if he was thinking of a scene from "Cabaret" but he said no, he'd seen that movie but it wasn't the movie. The movie he's remembering is an old black and white film.

So please post if you have ever seen this movie and know the name. I really do appreciate your help! Besides, I figure that finding this movie for him is the least we can do if we're not going to start a letter writing campaign to get new episodes of Walker, Texas Ranger for him. And we are not doing that. Nosiree.

Posted by laurie at November 12, 2010 8:01 AM