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November 23, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like glitter!

I haven't been posting much because I've been writing and I can't think of anything more boring than reading about someone writing (except perhaps writing about writing, oh, whoops! I fell asleep for a minute!) so there wasn't much to say but now I'm in some odd flurry, like I caught the holiday flu all on one day and now on the heels of turkey dinner with dressing, there is this:



My Christmas tree is up and decorated, a veritable shrine to what appears to be a growing collection of Eiffel Tower ornaments. I love it. I love this tree, I got it several years ago when I was still maudlin and morose on the holidays and went shopping for a tree to brighten up Chez Dour.

I was standing in Target in Van Nuys and I looked at all the trees on display and I sighed and decided to cancel Christmas with a wimp-out drama queen thing I was doing back then, but sanity prevailed ("The show must go on!") and I stuffed this tree in the back of my Jeep and brought it back to my tiny house in Encino-adjacent and decorated it and it has been the perfect tree for me ever since.

Last night my friend Corey stopped by for dinner (turkey and dressing, oh my!) and everything was very festive with the tree up. She confided later that she wasn't sure she would like Southern style cornbread dressing but she did like it, even though her family (not Yankees, specifically, but Northern Californians) put stuff in their "stuffing" which I tuned out because all that crazytalk sounds the same to me. I made Brussels sprouts, too, sauteed in a pan and this time they turned out pretty good if I do say so myself. I'm getting better at cooking, probably because I'm not exhausted all the time and running around like my whole life is a hassle. FUNNY HOW THAT WORKS.

After she left I admired my tree a bit before heading off to bed. I love the sparklyness and all my Paris stuff on there and the way it twinkles in the living room and makes the whole apartment festive and warm and glowy. Christmas has a very happy aura if you can strain out the shoulds and could-have-mighta-beens and just distill it into what you like best.

I like: the tree, the lights, the glitter ornaments, the way the weather changes so it's chilly in the mornings and the cats can lie by the fireplace for hours, the storefronts full of sparkles and decorations, mulled cider, champagne at noon on Christmas Day. I like going for a walk on Christmas morning when the whole city has finally calmed down, because from now until Christmas it's nothing but rush, rush, rush and everyone is crazy and on that morning the whole city feels relaxed, a collective exhale.

Sometimes I tend to focus on what's lacking -- particularly around the holidays -- and I never find it works for me, after all it doesn't change anything. So this year I'm skipping the puddled-up parts and moving directly to appreciating what is, which is much more sane and efficient. (Forget enlightened, perhaps as you age, you just want to be more emotionally efficient?)

My apartment is sparkled and ready for the good parts. We did already have an ornament fatality this season, and it was a real messy one, a glass snowglobe thingy that had water and glitter inside and shattered on the floor. Which wasn't even the cat's fault, it was all me, so if you ever invite me over I'm just suggesting you hide your breakables.

Now I'm going to make myself a cup of tea and type up some words, which is boring to talk about ("... and then I spellchecked, it was enthralling!") so instead, I'll give you some Bob on his blankie:


Everyone likes to cuddle in the winter.

And it is winter!!!! Check out Dapper Dallas... we have cold nights and turkeys and palm trees and a cloud in the seven day forecast!


It's winter, yo.

Posted by laurie at November 23, 2010 9:13 AM