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November 1, 2010

Another month, another roundup

The first day of a new week and the first day of a new month. The freshest of fresh starts.

It used to be that the start of a new month (and then later, every new week) was the beginning of my new diet. I've always liked the possibility of a brand new month, it meant you could start a path to a whole new you. Sometimes I wonder what my life would have been like if people had thought I was good enough exactly as I was when I was a little kid. Would I have ever gone on a single diet or had any problems with my weight at all? But you can't go back in time. Only forward. Work with what you have, not what you wish you had.

Even though I'm done starting a new diet every week (or month) I still like the feeling that each new calendar page could contain something better or healthier or happier. It's optimistic.

October was fine. It seemed to go by awfully fast, blink and you missed it. In October I had a few friends over for dinner and made my very first roasted chicken (it was good but took much longer to cook than I anticipated), I visited with my parents and with Grandma, I did some other stuff, blah blah blah.

How have I been doing this far into the year 2010 with my two resolutions? With my "Get Happy" resolution I'm not sure where I am. I'm certainly less stressed out about some things. I don't feel like every day is a chore to be endured like I did when I was commuting, and I take a lot more enjoyment in small tasks like grocery shopping and making the bed.

I have discovered there is a direct relationship between how happy I am and how much I'm writing. For the past two or three weeks I've been doing mostly research and it's less satisfying than the real writing, I start feeling like I'm squandering my time. I want to have my first fiction book completed by the end of this year. I thought I would be done two weeks ago! But I'm starting to understand that I can't power through 80,000 words in a weekend or two if I want even 12 of those words to be good ones.

Anyway, this is the first time I've written anything even remotely like this so it's all new and I like setting a deadline for myself. December 31st, 2010. I need that sense of completion, of being able to say, "In 2010 I wrote my first fiction novel."

My "Get Healthy" goal is chugging along. Sometimes (like with writing) I get frustrated that it's not all happening fast enough. I try to remind myself that real progress can take time. Every time I catch myself berating myself for not being where and who and how I want to be I try to soften it and find something more positive to say. It's dorky but it seems to help.

My goals for November are pretty straightforward. Walk and write. Two things I love to do and both make me feel better about myself and about the future. I moved my treadmill in front of the TV so now in the afternoons I can watch Oprah and walk, the ultimate in multitasking. I'm also going to decorate this month and make my apartment a glittering tomb to the holidays. They're coming whether I like it or not, so I figure I might as well put sparkly lights on everything and enjoy. Every day is what you make it.

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November centerfold model Frankie.

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