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October 1, 2010

Young for 12 seconds

Trader Joe's market isn't far from my house and they have wine for $1.99. Everyone calls this bottled elixir Two-Buck Chuck. It's not bad, really, not bad for two dollar wine. I stock up when I'm there because the parking lot is a war zone so I don't go very often. I hate having to flip people off in a parking lot.

Yesterday I was at Trader Joe's buying my Two Buck Chuck and this frozen salmon they sell which is marinated in chimichurri sauce. The salmon is kind of just butter sauce with a little fish in it but tastes good and counts as a non-fast-food meal in my book.

At the checkout counter the little guy ringing up my groceries (three bottles of wine, one frozen salmon packet) said hello, how are you, the niceties of L.A. grocery shopping.

"And, uh, could I also see some ID please?" he asked.

I flipped open my wallet and showed him my driver's license. He was squinting a bit at the date so I helped him along.

"Nineteen-seventy-(mmmmm)," I said. "The bronze age."

He laughed, shook his head. Had no idea what the bronze age comment meant. He was practically embryonic. But cute.

"You are looking good my lady friend, looking good," he said. "Never would have guessed the seventies."

And for just a minute I was caught off guard. No one is carding me because I look 21. I figure they're mostly doing it for charity or out of habit.

But I did walk a little taller out of the store. Looking good, friends. Looking good. For someone who is freaked out about being forty in this lifetime, I am looking good to the Trader Joe's dude. Never mind that he had to squint to see my birthdate, I am taking this as proof that God exists. Amen.

Posted by laurie at October 1, 2010 9:57 PM