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October 12, 2010

You so crazy

In the September issue of Travel + Leisure magazine I found this page:


It's a little jaunty fashion layout with some items for fall and winter dressing. For when you travel, I assume. Anyway, notice the hat below:


Yes, that's a terrible picture, cropped from a picture I took of a magazine but anyway, it's a hat. A little brown knit hat. I have a better view of it here in the real magazine image, it's a ribbed brim hat with a stockinette body.

Now look at this price:


Yes. $280 for a wool hat. If you want me to pay $280 for a knit hat, it better be created from silky strands of angel hair gathered after a heavenly harp convention. And it would have to function as a cloak of invisibility when needed. And make my ass smaller. And come with a free massage.

Do people really pay $280 for a plain old brown wool knit hat? Because if so I have a LOT of hats to sell.

- - -

Speaking of hats, I have an error in my hat pattern so I haven't posted it yet. I figure that preemptively fixing the error prior to posting the written pattern will make everyone much happier. And I do aim to make happy this world of ours, the one where people buy $280 hats.

- - -

It's been hot here, really hot. This is the time of year when I start getting tired of the weather and want to teleport myself to somewhere cold and brisk. My friend is in Paris right now and I know she's having a wonderful time, because even a bad time in Paris is a wonderful time. I might vacation to Van Nuys, I hear they have an awesome DMV wait line.

Actually, I do have a vacation dilemma. Not a dilemma so much as a decision to make. Last winter (while still employed) I bought a ticket for a trip that I was supposed to take in June but for all sorts of reasons I needed to postpone the trip, so I rescheduled it for later this year. Eventually "later this year" is going to come around and I haven't decided if I will go on the trip or not. I'm not highly motivated to travel right now, at least not to the general destination of my plane ticket. And of course while the ticket is paid for, there is the expense of a hotel and all that vacationy stuff, plus a house sitter for the kitty posse. I haven't decided what to do. I find that I am ambivalent about it.

Ambivalence isn't uncomfortable, I don't mind not knowing what I plan to do. There are plenty of options. I could go on the trip and just stay very frugal. I could cancel the trip and get a voucher for the balance (minus a fee). I could re-do the ticket again to take me somewhere else altogether. I could stay home, enjoy Los Angeles and leave the traveling to 2011.

It's interesting to me that when I was working go-go-go I was desperate to travel and escape. And even then I did power trips, packing a whole European vacation into a weekend (something I still like the idea of but don't feel propelled into just now.) And now I'm content with the idea of going to the beach or going to the movie one afternoon.

Anyway, I haven't decided what I will do. But if I go anywhere I'll send you a postcard. And I will not be wearing some $280 hat. I mean really!

- - -

Finally, Bob. He likes to shop online:


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