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October 26, 2010

Brain malfunction

Honestly, I would have sworn good money that our book chat was slated for Monday (yesterday) but when I looked back at my own writing here on this website I clearly said it would be on Friday the 29th. What has happened in my brain? Anyway, many apologies to those of you who thought that the lead bozo set the date for Friday and then showed up on a Monday. Whoops. So perhaps this Friday I'll do a book giveaway in atonement -- knitting books, of course! Book giveaways are just as fun, yes?

Thanks to everyone who chatted yesterday about A Moveable Feast. Our November book is Olive Kitteridge, which I haven't read either so we'll all be surprised. That chat will be on Monday, November 29th. I swear, really I do.

Our winner this month was Anita who wrote:

I absolutely loved this book - I thought the writing was easy to follow and his descriptions so pure that you could lose yourself in Paris (if you would let yourself). My very favorite part was his conversation with Gertrude Stein (pompous?...just a little?)is a segment where she discusses the disgusting life of gay men - but of course gay women are perfectly happy and suited to that lifestyle. I was stunned - then I giggled. Yeow - in 2010 Gertrude, that attitude just wouldn't cut it! Also, she told Hemingway he wasn't good enough to be published in the Atlantic Monthly or the Saturday evening post - her goals. She kept saying his writing was "inaccrochable." What a laugh!

I wanted to mention for those of you who read this book and were concerned for Hadley, his wife, there's a great little piece in Julia Child's memoir My Life in France that describes her impressions of Hadley and also talks about Bumby's wedding. It's another delicious, amazing book about Paris if you're in the mood for more. And of course Julia talks all about the food!

Now here's some pensive, brooding Bob with his little head on his little paws, surely wondering why Hemingway's cats got to be so famous when he is just as litter-ary:




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