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October 5, 2010

And the CIA still has not gotten back to me.

I wrote an email to the CIA. They haven't bothered to write back.

Well, it was the right thing to do, since surely they were already monitoring my phone calls and emails. I'm writing this silly little novel and my trashy heroine has a brush with the CIA. And I want it to be as factual as possible. Except... have you ever Googled the org chart for the Covert Ops? No can do. I imagine as soon as I typed the search words in the box some light went off in a basement in Langley and men in dark suits began listening to my phone calls.

Hopefully one of them is cute.

I am sure they were dulled to death when me and Drew spent two hours on the phone discussing everything from his new dishwasher to my deep desire to become skinny and wear pleather. Or when I waxed rhapsodic about the new fall TV lineup.

The phone conversations with me and my mom where we talk about the dog's newest chew toy and the tamale situation are surely government wiretapping dollars well spent.

All I wanted was a little info on some of the Agency colloquialisms. I went through the right channels, emailing their entertainment liaison and even refraining from signing my email with "xxoo, laurie." Apparently I didn't rate high enough for a response. Don't blame me when my trashy fiction book features undercover agents in pleather who knit.

I know you're reading, Very Important CIA Employee. Hit me back with an email. I have booze and yarn. Will trade for lingo. xoxo laurie

Posted by laurie at October 5, 2010 10:30 PM