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September 20, 2010

The Town & The Hat

Yesterday afternoon Jennifer and I went to see a midday showing of The Town, a movie so good I came home and called my mom and told her she and my dad have to go see it this week! Now! But it was like a full cardio workout watching that movie. I felt sweaty from clenching all my muscles in anticipation during every scene. Two thumbs up. Also, when did Ben Affleck become so hot?

As soon as Jen met me at the movie theater I barraged her with requests for advice (yes, advice) about my hair. One of the delights of not having to arrive at an office with coworkers in suits and pantyhose and with well-coiffed hair is that one can speculate seriously about all-the-sudden getting an entirely new haircolor. Like by this time tomorrow I could be a raven-winged brunette or some color of red that doesn't occur in nature. It could happen!

And with all the hand-knit hats I have in a drawer in my closet I can safely hide my hair all the way to the salon if it goes poorly. No matter, I still haven't decided. I now have roots that have roots.

Speaking of hats, I finished my Dad's hat and gave it to him this weekend:



I finished the top decreases differently than on my brother's hat. I think this little experiment turned out pretty well but probably will only work in a crazy nubby yarn like this Noro Taiyo. Here is a picture of the decrease rows on the top of my Dad's hat:


In contrast, below is a picture of the crown decrease on my brother's hat -- well, it's the inside-out view, anyway, as he had the hat on inside-out:


With this hat I sort of got to the crown and when I needed to decrease I just went to stockinette. In the picture above what you see is reverse stockinette since he has it on inside out. It turned out fine, I guess. I mean it's a hat, not cold fusion. It works. He likes it.

So with that glowing endorsement and six paragraphs of caveats let me know if you still want the pattern. I can post it both ways, one with the easy k2tog decreases and one that attempts to keep the ribbing all the way to the bitter end, with semi-success, if hidden in a textural colorful or dark yarn. Heh.


Puppy is so tired his toys attack him!

Toys attack puppy while puppy gives up and plays frog dog!

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