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September 10, 2010

The most pressing issue of our time

The happiest part about Fall (aside from the feelings of crispness and fresh starts and clean notebooks) is of course the change you see in my best friend, TeeVee. All the old shows are back with new episodes and then there are entirely new shows to choose from. This last bit is tricky for me because I seem to be the curse for new TV. Don't blame me but I tuned in for Life on Mars, The Unusuals, Women's Murder Club, The Forgotten, Flash Forward. Ah, so little time, so much TV to kill.

Obviously I'll be tuning in for my favorites -- the final season of Oprah, my regular shows like Dancing With The Stars (a program that for some reason I only watch when I am on the treadmill), Glee, The Office, 30 Rock, Bones, Hoarders, Castle and I am shocked that Human Target will be back, since I started watching it from the first episode and it was actually renewed. It's breezy fun. Christopher Chance always gets his man. Or woman.

What are you watching? And more importantly, what new shows will you be tuning in to? The Undercovers? Nikita? Detroit 1-8-7? I haven't decided. Maybe Hawaii 5-0.

And was anyone else a little disappointed by this season of The Closer? The whole storyline about Brenda becoming Chief of Police is silly because I don't think even the most medically-marijuanad of writers would write in a blonde, Southern, female chief of police for L.A. And as much as I have tried to like Rizzoli & Isles I have decided I kind of hate that show. I love Angie Harmon, she's so appealing, but the scary serial killer who never dies or goes on trial but manages to kill from behind bars? That's been done a million times and in better shows. It's like the writers want to make Maura Isles into Temperance Brennan but it falls flat. And I get tired of all cop shows being (mostly) about horrible crimes to women. I think that's why I stopped watching all the CSIs. I watch the nightly news and sometimes that's enough.

I am embarrassed to admit my guilty pleasures, but will do so anyway. Reality crap. I'm watching Thintervention, The Real Housewives of DC (an addiction I blame firmly on my friend Christine G. who got my hooked one morning over coffee) and Jersey Shore. That last one I only watch when I feel bad about my life or need to expose my TV to genital warts to see if its inoculation took. That show reminds me that no matter how icky I may feel, I am at least not wearing spandex and white pumps and fretting over my clip-in hair extensions. But it makes for oddly compelling TV.

You? What are you watching?

Posted by laurie at September 10, 2010 10:36 AM