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September 8, 2010

Still cool, still cleaning

This is my all-time favorite weather: cool, overcast, downright chilly at night. I LOVE IT. It's like winter showed up all at one time. It's a fake-out of course (this being L.A. no one should be too surprised by anything fake, even the weather) because September and October are always the hottest months. Usually we're still sweltering in a frying pan heatwave the day before Halloween. But who cares, right now it's cloudy and 67 degrees and I am in heaven.

I have all the windows open, cleaning and airing out the whole apartment. Bob is so annoyed at the constant vacuuming, his beauty sleep is suffering.

I am trying to get some sleep here, people.

I wish it would stay like this forever, like Seattle without the rain.

- - -

Suspended animation. That's what August was. I finally put my finger on it, I needed a title for that chapter.

Do you ever want to be someone else entirely? Maybe that's why I like this weather so much. It's like I woke up in a completely different place, a vacation from the city of eternal sunshine.

Posted by laurie at September 8, 2010 12:10 PM