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September 9, 2010


I forget there are luxuries to being self-employed. (Maybe I've felt guilty to revel in them? Weird.) For example, I don't have to rush to get all my housecleaning done by Sunday night. I used to feel forever behind because I could never do it all in just two days. Every Monday morning I woke up already behind schedule for the week. That's a lousy way to live.

On Labor Day I cleaned downstairs and realized I'd only gotten the living room really cleaned and "done." Then I remembered, oh yeah! You don't have to commute two and a half hours tomorrow and work a full day and you can still keep cleaning this apartment! I know it sounds like a poor prize-- housecleaning-- but it's such a luxury to me. All the time to clean just-so, just how I like it. I'm a slow cleaner. I get distracted, I remember this book I meant to look up, I find a receipt and need to get that thing I put in that place that time. Rearrange the books in the office. Everything goes slower with me. When I was working it just became a casualty to my schedule, there was no time for all that. Stuff piled up. Everything was half-done. Another item on the to-do list. Anxious.

Yesterday I was on the phone midday and while chatting I pulled some boxes out of the closet and sorted paperwork. It feels so decadent. I've been working at a breakneck pace for eight, maybe nine years now. Being home alone with a vacuum cleaner is not a bad thing. It takes me a while to get caught up. Maybe that's what this is, getting caught up. Finding a normal pace. Not rushing, just knowing it's a different kind of time management.

Cats already know the secret.

Posted by laurie at September 9, 2010 11:14 AM