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September 6, 2010

Labor Day

Everyone says Labor Day marks the end of summer. Or, where I am from, the end of wearing white. Not that I wear much white but old sayings die hard.

The best thing about August was that I started writing again, this time in a fever, spilling out 7,000 words a day and holing up in my house which is not a bad way to live. I'm not sure if this little story I'm writing is any good and I don't care, the point is to finish one fiction book beginning to end and I'm thisclose. Worrying about being good just gets in the way.

So anyway, that was summer. And now it's September and I'm going to clean my whole apartment. Put some good music on, make a pitcher of iced tea, vacuum like nobody's business. I love to vacuum. You get immediate results, everything feels renewed and fresh and you can see your progress as you go. And I'm going to put away everything that happened in August and just be happy that no matter how bad some pages of the calendar may be we do have the luxury of a whole new month ahead where something good could happen.

Posted by laurie at September 6, 2010 9:07 AM