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September 22, 2010

hat & cat

My latest ribbed hat pattern will come, eventually, but I decided I should work the pattern out one more time since I think I wrote down a couple of these decrease rows when I was chardonnay. You understand. Now I'm making a beanie version:

Noro Taiyo in color #6

I'll be done soon, especially with all this good new fall TV! Plenty to watch and knit (they voted off The Hoff? Say it isn't so!). Today was the first official day of fall and felt like it, nice and cool and overcast this morning but by the weekend Dapper Dallas Raines says it's going to be a billion and two degrees out there. My older brother is coming for a visit this weekend from Florida and I'm excited to see him but bummed that he'll be here during one of our September scorchers. We're going to ride over the hill to Malibu one day, it's always nice at the beach.

Recently a reader asked if I ever think of moving back to the South. I think about it sometimes, but more in a nostalgic way than anything. Just this morning I was out taking a walk and my street was lined up and down with Star Wagons and studio services trucks for some movie or TV show they're filming, and I thought about how Jerry's Deli used to have phones at all the booths in case you needed to make a call to CAA during lunch with a fatcat veep. This is a wacky place but I do love it. There are a few other cities I think I would love living in but most of them are across an ocean.

I like the way anything is possible out here. You can walk along a single block on the Boulevard and pass three sushi bars all specializing in different things, a consignment shop where are the clothes come from TV shows, a marijuana store, a gay karaoke bar and a doggie daycare. I don't eat sushi, I don't have a dog, I'm not gay but I love that there is something for everyone here, it's inclusive. I like that all my neighbors speak different languages and you can order anything delivered right to your door, from Korean barbecue to a carwash (they have guys in vans who will show up at your house and detail your car. Seriously!)

Over the years I've written a lot about my codependent relationship with this place and every time I get mushy and love-addled about L.A. there are some people who take this to mean I'm denigrating wherever it is they live. That's not true, of course -- saying you like apples does not mean you hate watermelon. And sometimes Los Angeles can suck the life out of you, just trying to get from one place to another can be torture. There are people who have lived in this city for decades who hate it more with each passing day.

Me? I figure this freaky stretch of metropolis is the closest thing I have to a boyfriend so I might as well enjoy it when he's pretty and feeling slutty. And I try to ignore it when he drives like crap. We work it out.

It's a hopeful city, full of optimism and honking. People come here and dream about making it big and some really do.

Ok, enough about Hollyweird. Here's the real star of this town:

No one gets up or down these stairs without paying a fine!

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