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September 7, 2010

Good day for John Coltrane records

The weather is superb, fantastic, spectacular. After days and weeks of hundred-degree heat it finally cooled down and it's perfect, not even 70 degrees yet in the Valley. When it's a bazillion degrees out I don't even leave my house, with no A/C in the Jeep it's just fire-to-frying-pan, no fun at all.

But today it's perfect. And I can go run errands and not melt into a lard sweat puddle.

Yesterday there was a marathon of Hoarders on the TV, which I kept on while I cleaned house (if nothing else, watching that show does make me frantically need to clean and dust and disinfect.) Then they had two new episodes which were both disturbing and depressing. Why do I watch that show? I can't understand how anyone could keep children or pets in filth. I guess I watch it because I know I have my own hoardy tendencies and I want to be vigilant and never let things get to the goat path stage.

There was a single moment in time when I think it could have gone either way. I had to choose between giving up and becoming a prisoner of my stuff or letting go. It was right after I moved into that tiny little house in Encino-adjacent with my four cats and my gigantic truckload of boxes. One entire room (and the garage) were packed floor-to-ceiling. It took years to get it all pared down, but I kept at it. I got real tired real fast of constantly moving piles to clean around them, so I decluttered little bit by little bit. Sometimes in great big gusts, sometimes in a trickle.

I still have what I think is too much stuff but I haven't been paring down at all lately, maybe it's comforting to hold on sometimes. Then again, it's not like the stuff is growing-- I've been on a shopping moratorium since June and nothing comes in to this house but basic consumables. It's kind of nice. No shopping, no new clutter build-up in the corners.

Now it's time to go run my errands and enjoy this perfect Southern California weather.

Today's three good things:
1) I am not a candidate for Hoarders
2) Cool September days
3) Soba waking me up with a paw on my chin

Yeah, I like TV. Got a problem with it?

Posted by laurie at September 7, 2010 11:54 AM