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August 4, 2010

Pride and Prejudice it is, then

So let's meet back here on Monday August 30th to chat about the book. You can order it online (here's The Annotated Pride and Prejudice) or of course at your local library or mug a high school student for their copy. You can also get it free on the kindle, cool, no? (Here's that link: Pride and Prejudice Kindle Edition).

Edited to add: There are apparently a number of ways to get this book free, thanks to all the folks who commented to let us know. I bought the version in Target that looks all Twilight-ish, well, I just thought it was hilarious that it says "Bella's favorite book!" or something right on the cover. But here are other options:


Free from Project Gutenberg

Free Audio Book from LibriVox

And on August 30th, everyone who comments in our little virtual bookclub will be entered to win a drawing for some goofy prize. Being on the thrifty side of finances these days, it will likely be an odd assortment of yarn and books from my stash and who knows what else. Can't send Bob after all, besides my missing him terribly he would break the bank in shipping weight charges...

Get reading!

Posted by laurie at August 4, 2010 11:22 AM