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July 15, 2010

Summer knitting, had me a blast

We were lucky this year and it spoiled me, all those weeks of thick marine layer covering the coastline and inland until noon or longer kept the temperatures moderate and even chilly in the morning, just the way I like it. Now we've gone from June Gloom to July Fry in a span of two days. The hotter it gets the more I want to sit inside with winter movies and snowy documentaries and the Cooking Channel. Is the Cooking Channel new or have I only discovered it through the magic of unemployment? They show old episodes of Julia Child's The French Chef and one of my favorite cooking shows, Two Fat Ladies. I first saw the Two Fat Ladies on BBC a decade or so ago when I was traveling, probably to someplace cold. I don't understand a good portion of what they say and they make things I would never eat but it's strangely compelling.

The second knitted glove is coming along quickly by my standards, a testament to how much I loathe the slimy heat:


That's the only upside of summer. The outdoor oven air pushes you indoors near the pretty yarn and anyway the TV isn't going to watch itself you know.

- - -

Last night I was flipping through the recent cb2 catalog and several items caught my eye.

A knitted pouf:


Another color:


And some felted knit baskets:


Another view:


The pouf was going for $79 and the largest felt basket for $29. The pouf would last about ten minutes here in Chez Fursalot before being engulfed in cat hair and snagged by a passing cat talon but it's cute nonetheless. The baskets are a good idea for a future project. Looks like they would be easy enough to make and I do have the world's reigning supply of Patons Up Country in my closet. And there is a lot of summertime ahead, hot days stretching out full of knitting and air conditioning.

- - -

Today's three happy things:
1) Cucumber and avocado salad with cracked pepper, salt and balsamic.
2) Finding an SD memory card I was sure I had lost.
3) Julia Child's memoir My Life in France, which I'm reading and loving. I share her deep love of butter.

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