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July 30, 2010

Breaking News: Cat Ladies Set to Take Over World, team coverage at eleven

1) Al Gore why haven't you called me?
I am waiting. I even started spending more time upstairs in my apartment because I get better phone reception there. Bob needs a new daddy. Get a move on. I'm not going to wait forever you know! (Totally lying. Will absolutely wait forever.)

2) Speaking of Blob Bob

I've had to cut off the Meow Mix because he's getting so... fluffy. Now he has this healthy holistic blahblahblah food and he hates it. Yesterday he chewed through half of my latest issue of Entertainment Weekly in what I believe was a well-planned retribution attack.

3) Oh-kay, here's the situation, my parents went away on a week's vacation...
(Song lyrics from when Will Smith was a rapper. Oh ye of youngness who do not remember the good old days.) So my folks may be staying in Orange County for a while, maybe even a month or two! Very exciting, because the OC is LA-adjacent and I can see them more regularly. My Dad is slowly improving and that's a relief, though he's not all the way better. I think it is very surprising how things work out. If I were still at the bank I would never get to spend time with them even though they're in my time zone and just a car ride away. But now I get to see them really frequently and we can have dinner together and just visit. Time isn't merely a luxury, it's the only luxury, isn't it? Time to breathe, time to just hang out with someone, time to do grand experiments with deodorant.

4) I ponder not just the navel but the underarms as well

You can't really experiment with deodorants when you're working full time. If you get a product dud you could find yourself five minutes before the afternoon staff meeting trying to de-stink with wet wipes or mask with perfume. Don't act like you don't know. So I have taken this opportunity -- this grand life change -- to do awesome things with my time like experiment with deodorants. Yeah, I know, because my life is about science, people. Practically a modern day Marie Curie. I plan to report on the Stink Mitigating Study of 2010 very soon in an essay so detailed it is sure to win me a Pulitzer.

5) The Summer of my Knitcontent
Summer knitting continues in full force, I'm now on the first of many hats. This one was originally planned for my Dad but even though I measured carefully and swatched it still may be too large -- I hadn't counted on the high cotton content of the yarn being so darn stretchy. I'm used to using wool which holds its shape so well. But all is not lost! My little brother Eric who has a ginormous Sputnik-style cranium loved the looks of this hat and so if it's too big I'll give it to Eric and use the other skein of yarn for another hat for Dad.

I'm using Noro Taiyo in color #5 (gorgeous, amazing) and unlike most Noro this yarn is very soft, probably thanks to the 40% cotton content and 30% silk. It's also 15% wool and 15% nylon. I almost always buy my Noro on sale but even at a discount this was a pricier skein (I don't remember what I paid, but I only ordered two skeins because of the price). But I was surprised what you get for the money -- a good size skein, 100 grams/200 meters and it's unbelievably gorgeous yarn! Each skein is more than plenty for a big, cushy hat. I think this yarn would also make an excellent bag (it feels durable) or mittens.

I'm making a 2x2 ribbed hat of my own creation. There's a nifty little trick for getting the brim to fold just right -- you knit 2, purl 2 for the length of the hat brim (I like it just around 2 inches) then when you're at a place you want the hat to fold you mix up the pattern -- on the next round you start with purl 2, knit 2 and keep working in that pattern the rest of the hat. The offset row where the two different ribbed pattern meets makes a natural fold.

When I'm done I'll write up the whole pattern and post it. My big challenge will come with decreases since I like to decrease totally in pattern and retain the ribbing. It will be fun working it out.

Also, I'm not sure why my iphone camera got all fuzzy and romantic this morning for a dang hat but here it is:


Here is all the help I had behind the scenes styling this photo shoot:




- - -

Oh! And yesterday I saw the movie "SALT" with Angelina Jolie. It wasn't bad for a summer afternoon popcorn flick. I'm still not a huge Angelina fan but I love me some Liev Schrieber. And it was good to see a female action star movie. After listening to the female leads in both Killers and Knight & Day do nothing but whine and hyperventilate and scream and run in circles while people shoot at them, it was kind of nice to see a woman scaling buildings and doing insane Tom-Cruise style traffic jumps with nary a whine or cutesy comeback. Have you seen the movie? What did you think?

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