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July 29, 2010


My folks have been staying out near San Diego and I got to see them this week when they came in to Orange County. I spent a lot of time following the dog around with my iphone, taking his picture:

Sleepy dog on Grandma's bed. (That's a picture of my Grandma & Grandpa on the bedside table.)

Here he is finally getting some attention from my mom because he is so neglected. Yeah. So not the center of all attention of the universe...


And here he is watching all the neighborhood dogs walk by:

Yesterday as I was driving home along the twisted, congested freeways of Los Angeles I was reminded that it's summer tourist season. Lots of cars from out of town, lots of folks with GPS units and maps and still puzzled looks and mad gesturing at missed exits.

As I drove through downtown there were some crowds on the overpasses holding big banners and waving signs about the immigration stuff going on in Arizona. And of course this is Los Angeles so there's lots of honking and fists raised out of car windows in support, all of us carrying a little Cesar Chavez down in our souls. But it's not just this day or this issue, we always have people running around civic buildings and big intersections and movie studios holding placards and carrying banners protesting something or another. And I wondered what the visitors to our fine city think when they see the residents running around protesting stuff, all the cars honking just because it's traffic, and why not honk.

Or what do I know, maybe nonstop daily picketing is a way of life everywhere? Maybe in Des Moines and Kansas City and Boise and Charleston it's a regular old Wednesday to see people hanging bedsheets off the overpass with spray-painted slogans, just like in Los Angeles. What do you think?

Of course when I finally traversed the traffic and got back home my kittens were happy to see me and they got plenty of lap time and also a little paparazzi time. Here's Soba, exuding tortiness:


Later she plans to take over a small country. Something with ample Greenies distribution and no picketing allowed.

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