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June 14, 2010

OK, I felt that one.

We just had an earthquake... according to the news it was a 5.7 and it was down near the Mexicali area. But I felt it all the way up here in the Valley. I was on the sofa catching up on my New York Real Housewives (judge silently to yourself) when the cats all woke up and the capiz shell lamps started jingling on their own.

The first thing I do when I feel a shaker is to turn on news radio. Then I pour a drink and say a little thankyou that it was only a tremor. Now I am listening to people call into the radio and talk about their experiences ... "I was watching '60 Minutes' on the DVR, of course, because that program is only on on Sundays, anyway, I was sitting there and my dog barked. We thought he needed to go outside so we opened the door and then I noticed we might be shaking. The dog went out anyway."

"I'm in Burbank and I definitely felt it, I was engaged in reading some Ayn Rand works here, and I felt a rolling effect. It wasn't a shock, but it was rolling. And like I said I was reading and it didn't feel like an earthquake but I thought it was because we were moving. But I was reading. Ayn Rand."

"Like, I'm at a hotel in Hollywood and like, nothing much happened. But like the first thing I do, like, when I have an earthquake is turn on KNX. Well, after it stops. Like, you know. To see what's up."

God I love this city.

Posted by laurie at June 14, 2010 9:47 PM