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June 2, 2010

Is it tacky for me to wear white? Should we do an evite since it's better for the environment? Am I going to hell for writing this?

When the news broke yesterday that Al and Tipper Gore were separating I wouldn't say I was happy because having endured the end of a marriage myself obviously I feel deep compassion for them and then I wrote my new name, Mrs. Al Gore, twenty times in my notebook. Or should I hyphenate? I had a hard time picking out a china pattern that was produced in an eco-friendly factory. We may have to go with vintage Fiestaware. And I guess we'll have to split our time between L.A. and Tennessee, which is so convenient because I LOVE Tennessee! I worked on his first campaign for President you know. Back when he was wearing the red plaid shirt, I was still in high school. Not that I stalked at an early age. I was just very civic minded.

Seriously, though ... I was shocked to hear they're ending their marriage. I thought those two would be together forever and it makes me a little sad.

Also, it will be harder for us to have a private ceremony with all the paparazzi hanging around.


Will Bob like his new daddy? Will I be able to dial down my addiction to paper towels? Will my bridesmaids have to wear dresses made out of recycled tea bags? So many questions.

By the way, you are all TOTALLY invited to the wedding.

Posted by laurie at June 2, 2010 5:03 AM