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June 7, 2010

I'm Free Fallin' ... and yet that is not the song I will embed in your head for later.

Last week was so ... uncharted. It was the first time in eight and a half years -- normal weekdays, not vacation or holiday -- that I didn't wake up and get dressed in my work clothes and get on the road for my commute into downtown Los Angeles. June 4th was my last day at the bank. There were tears and fond farewells and promises to stay in touch. Almost a decade of service to the bank, that is a long time! I made some true friends there-- Jen, Amber, Corey, Work Jen, Michael, it's a long list that could fill paragraphs. Oh Lord we need a new name for Work Jen.

So my job ended, I am fine, I am not sure what the future holds but things always seem to work out.

And for now that's all I have to say about it.

The cats like it. They are plotting together to make me give them treats every two hours, I can just feel it. Today instead of getting on the road and crawling in bumper to bumper traffic, I am going to go for a walk. I will walk, and then come home and shower and make coffee and have breakfast and write a chapter. Then I will probably use a magic eraser to clean something to death. I absolutely, positively will not miss the commute. And I can finally go visit my dad, who I have missed to no end and worried about and I just need to see his face, hug him. In every panic-ridden change is this built-in flipside -- for me, here I have this time to visit with my parents, it's a luxury! I can write without keeping one eye on the clock, I am not sitting in traffic, I can do all the laundry. I have been wanting to fix some of the database issues with this site for five years and just cracked the surface last week, but it's a start. I built a website for my brother. I drove out to the beach and it was cold there and overcast and I walked up and down the sand until I was exhausted and then I just watched the waves come in. I haven't done that in years. I needed to just be in the presence of something big and vast, and the Pacific Ocean fits the bill. I love the ocean. I never went to the coast anymore because my weekends were full of laundry and prepping for the week ahead and making all my lunches and doing all the errands and life was so compact and tight and there was no time to sit on the sand.

It was a little gift. I breathed. Ocean air is good, even in Los Angles.

Actually this new change in my life is a little present in disguise because it offers me the great opportunity to get you hooked on some Wilson Phillips before 6 a.m.!

You know -- you hold on for one more day! You can thank me later for getting that gem stuck on replay in your noggin.

- - -

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