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June 7, 2010

Cat Week begins! Like Shark Week with 100% less sharks!

Hi! I'm going to be doing a much needed overhaul to the software of this website and working on the database which makes me sound very technical but I am giving you this disclaimer because:

1) At any time this website and any of its eleventynine million pages will probably all break, often, and if the site disappears for a while you know it was just that button I pushed that time. Whoops!

2) Do not fear, I have a backup.

3) But comments will be off as I try to make major updates to how they function, like having your name look like it's part of the comment. HUH. GOOD IDEA.

4) Also I'm going to try adding normal size ad spaces and when I get it working I may need you to help me test it all out. And if I manage to do most of that without completely breaking the whole server I will even try to PDF some of the lengthy patterns, like the loop stitch tutorial, but don't hold your breath on that one. At least not in a week. But maybe!

So thank you for your patience as I muck around and try to imitate a person who knows what she is doing. If you are a person who knows MT fairly well and want to offer me advice I am 100% open to that! I also accept prayer in time of database reassessment.

It is so much easier to get work done with the good help I have:


He is not transparent.


But he is very helpy.

Posted by laurie at June 7, 2010 8:14 AM