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June 4, 2010

All is well in Gloveville today


I really appreciated everyone's pattern feedback on my glove situation the other day. I think things are going to be fine with glove-opolos and the gusset is not as dire as we may have thought. For one thing, I am a fairly slow and plodding knitter so I was only a few rounds in. And with the General Innernet Consensus saying the pattern is really asking for me to knit two rounds then increase on round number three, I got out a pen and paper and got to work trying to figure it all out which involved colorful sharpies. I'm one of those people who need visual aids. I count on my fingers sometimes, too, which I am sure is awe-inspiring to other grownups.

I just needed to throw in a couple more increase rounds and then my row count and gusset stitch count were back on track.

What I think is funny here is how committed I am to not ripping out my stitches. These may be the tiniest stitches I have ever knit in my life. In the case that I was unable to make the increases go right, I was fully prepared to bind off and felt this sucker into a camera sleeve. Now you know the real reason why I love to knit with wool -- feltability in case of emergency!

And I am always surprised to find out how many folks hate double-pointed needles. I understand it, mind you, even though I don't personally have deep-vein-dpn-aversion I know one knitter friend who hates the mere sight of them. I think she visibly shudders when I whip out my tiny needles of doom. But still I forget what a thing this can be for some folks, that is until I write about a project using DPNs and I get a lot of links and emails with links to tutorials on the Magic Loop and magic this or that or special tiny gnomes or patterns for the same thing I'm making knit flat.

Speaking of knitting flat items... I had purchased these Noro books a while back specifically to make the gloves I saw inside:



Those gloves looked great! But when I read the pattern (and all the glove patterns inside) more carefully I realized they were knit flat and seamed at the end. Seamed. All ten fingers. I don't want seamed fingers, I wanted to knit in the round! With the little short toothpick-looking DPNs I'd purchased special.

So I admit it, I kind of like knitting with DPNs. It's sort of primitive and nutty. Everyone just finds what works for them in knitting, it's all good. I think I like the mechanics of it, how you get a rounded tubelike item out of a bunch of toothpicks. Then again, I secretly enjoy PowerPoint, too. There's something very satisfying about taking a tool most people hate and making a presentation so beautiful that people weep in appreciation. OK, not that anyone has ever actually been brought to tears with my mad PowerPoint skills but I have had fancypants executives specifically ask for me on their presentations, which in Corporatespeak is kind of the same thing.

The first project I ever made on DPNs (not PowerPoint, hah) was my Kitty Pi, and I think the sense of accomplishment I got from making that on my own was so overwhelming that it colored my DPN experience. In fact, that kitty pi may have even been the first real pattern I ever followed. Ah, the things we do for our felines.

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Posted by laurie at June 4, 2010 4:30 AM