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May 11, 2010

The Crochet Dude is redefining the word "tool" as it applies to men. And women.

Over the weekend I braved the Valley sidestreet mayhem to visit the Michael's in the Burbank Empire Center (also known as the Tomb of the Unknown Shopper.) My best friend Drew has created something so astonishing and cool that I had to see it with my own eyes:


It's a whole line of Crochet Dude tools, kits and bags:



I stood there trying not to get all misty-eyed like a crazypants (hey, I'm a little emotional these days, give me a break) and also trying to move people out of the way so I could take a picture thank you verymuch. I got a chuckle out of this one:


Drew has a giant blue hook.

You can read about Drew's whole line of crochet kits, bags, hooks and tools on his blog at thecrochetdude.com. He also lists all the stores where you can find his line of products.


After ogling the display I got into my car and we were on the phone and I was so excited and also, nuts, because in nine months Drew has brought to life an entire line of product and it was Mother's Day and I know his mom was watching, I believe the Universe works that way. And I needed to see it myself with my own eyes. I needed proof that in nine months' time one person can dream it and work on it and create it and not be some Buddha in the mountain in flowing robes but is a real person with two cats, one of which is even more "fluffy" than my Bob, and he can be a real person who scoops poop and worries if this is a good haircut and how will it all work out? And he mops and makes dinner (OK, yeah, way better dinners than I make but whatevs) but he is real and true and against all odds success finds him. And he rises to meet it. He inspires me. He keeps me sane and he lifts me up when I need it.

I don't relate so well to starlets and celebutantes and men in guru shirts who have the time to go to yoga retreats and meditate on a mountain. Drew and I grew up in very similar situations and neither of us have strayed far from our true selves. And his success gives me joy and hope and true belief in the possibility that there may actually be another possibility.

For those of you who have been reading between the not-terribly-subtle lines lately, you know I'm in a space. (For those of you who just occasionally skim, feel free to skip the next 120 words.) It's not about the details of whatever is going on with me, it's the general stuff we all deal with and I've been thinking maybe all we need is an attitude adjustment, a little more focus on what we have instead of what we could lose. Maybe it's the way you tell the story, maybe it's the way you choose to see the events or maybe it's your heart showing you something's gotta give. (Good movie by the way, total writer porn, who doesn't want to be Diane Keaton writing in that office and dabbling with Keanu? Come on.) So you take a chance or get pushed into one or maybe you just know a time is coming when you get to decide how to look at the facts. Frame them this way, you got heartache and depression. Frame 'em another way you got freedom and possibility. It's all in how you decide to look at it.

I do believe God dreams things bigger for us than we even know how to imagine. I know it because I saw my dear friend Drew Emborsky's name and face on an entire line of craft products in the busiest Michael's in all of Los Angeles, California. I am so happy for you, Drew! And I am grateful to you, for giving me hope and proving anything is possible.

Plus, I will be teasing you about your giant blue hook for years to come. Talk about divine inspiration.

Posted by laurie at May 11, 2010 6:44 AM