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May 28, 2010

My next book may be written entirely from personalized license plates on the 101 Freeway

Can you believe it is already Memorial Day Weekend, 2010? In honor of all the people who will be on the road this weekend, I present to you a few personalized plates from all the people on the 101 that I shared traffic with this week:

I love a great laugh! Not sure about Lafs, though.

I had no idea there were APOSTROPHES in license plates.
Crazypants Al and his Furn.

Yeah, well I have abs, too. They're just well concealed.

I would say if I had to pick someone to be friends with it would be the person driving this car. Which may explain my well-padded abs.

Scientist? Scientologist? You decide.

I drove behind this person for over forty minutes. Yo quiero? Toe J. Hero? What does this mean? Why do you not have an explanation printed on your bumper? I had to change lanes finally. It was making me crazy.


U B having a good Memorial Day weekend!

Posted by laurie at May 28, 2010 6:58 AM