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May 5, 2010

In Bermuda, they're just called "shorts"

The other options for the title were, "I survived the Bermuda Triangle and all I got was this silly hangover" or "Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty Mama..."

So, hi! Guess who went to Bermuda over the weekend?

Me and my mom. It was her birthday. Happy Birthday!

Bermuda is breathtakingly beautiful. It is someplace I never really had a hankering to visit and I sort of learned my lesson visiting Hawaii alone that island resort destinations are not the best places for me to travel solo (whereas in a big city or a European trek you can travel alone without drawing attention to your single status.) Alone on an island in a place full of tourists undocking two-by-two from giant cruise ships... well, it's like shining a spotlight on yourself, Hello! I am alone in paradise! So Bermuda was not on my current list of places to see. Then one day several months ago I got an email alert from American Airlines with an insane sale on all sorts of beachy places and they had tickets to Bermuda for $117 each way.

At first I thought it was a typo, because that was cheaper than a ticket to San Jose. But it was for real and I called my mom and said, "Hey, want to go off to Bermuda for your birthday?" And just like that we were booked and ready to go. And the trip couldn't have come at a more perfect time for both of us, who needed to get away and relax and we realized on this trip we've never done anything like this before, never traveled alone together for a weekend or ever. I got to have her all to myself for a whole weekend!

And we were truly in paradise:



There's my mom, also named Laurie, checking out the sunset from the patio of our hotel room.

It was so much fun! We got in on Friday night and I think I slept more soundly than I have in months, and we got up the next morning to the most beautiful view out our patio doors. And we took a water taxi into Hamilton (and you know you're on vacation when A) you're on a boat taxi and B) the boat driver has his dog along.)

Boat-loving dog.

Lauries on a boat

In Hamilton we went to lunch at a pub that caught on fire (listen, it's not vacation with me unless something is on fire!) and we had just placed our order and taken a sip of iced tea when the fire alarm sounded so we all filed outside and waited a bit and nothing seemed to be happening, except all the waiters decided to sit on the stoop and smoke, so my mom and I moseyed down to the next pub and had a delicious meal.

Afterward, we wandered around Hamilton a bit and made it to the bus station where we bought a two-day transportation pass (only $20 each) and boarded a big pink bus for a trip to the Aquarium and St. George.

The pink buses were comfortable, safe and very economical with the pass, which you can also use to get on board the water ferries.

Midway to St. George, we stopped off at the Aquarium. I love aquariums! Luckily my mom does, too. And she actually read the guidebook instead of just looking at the pictures like some people we know, so she knew how to get us there. Tomorrow I'll post all the pictures we took there, but here's one for today:

Hmmm, which one of us is the exhibit and which one of us is the observer?

The next day we saw Dockyard and then took a bus all the way back to get a view of the interior a bit more. It was great. Here's Laurie waiting for the big ferry to Dockyard:


View from the maritime museum.

Cheesy and tipsy self-portrait

We talked to Dad on Skype and showed him the view of the balcony and the room! (That's my newer ASUS Eee PC, I upgraded while back. This model has amazing battery life, I didn't have to plug it in once!)

When you're looking for your next off-season deal to somewhere new, Bermuda would be an excellent choice for anyone. I might even go back solo, who knows. It's incredibly clean and the people we met were hands-down the friendliest of any place I have ever visited. The food is great, the public transportation is easy, the island is so beautiful it's just breathtaking and it's so painless to get there and back. They even have a US Customs post right in the Bermuda airport so you go through customs in-island (instead of most foreign travel, where you deplane on your first stop on the U.S. and go through border control in a giant line.)

I will always think of it as the spot where I had the most relaxing time with my mom and laughed more in one weekend than I have laughed in ages.

Sunset view from the room.

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