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May 24, 2010

Good morning!

There's nothing quite like waking on a Monday morning to the sound of multiple helicopters hovering over your rooftop. But more on that later.

First! What a great day on Saturday. The San Juan Capistrano library is really pretty and the whole town is so charming. They even have a little reflecting pool at the library in a lovely courtyard:


They made a special parking space just for The Red Jeep:

Here are Lori and Ada, two ladies who invited me down to speak:

Lori introducing me and also showing the knitted pieces she'd made from patterns I've posted (which was very exciting for me, I never think anyone ever makes this stuff!)

I was a little nervous so some of my crowd shots were a bit shaky, I only got one clear pic of half the room:

Some folks who visited with me:

Dee brought her dad!

I met this gal once before, in Mission Viejo. Nice to see you again!

Sisters! One came all the way from Sacramento!!

It was a really lovely day and there were even refreshments-- delicious cookies and fresh coffee and iced tea. I loved meeting everyone. Oh, one of the ladies asked to see a picture of my finished socks, so here is a picture for Linda:


That is the one and only time they have been on my feet. I took the picture of my be-socked feet, took the socks off, carefully folded them and put them away in a drawer lest I ruin them by wearing them. Yup. Linda was also concerned about how fast I talk and my general lack of public speaking aptitude and suggested I do Toastmasters, which she said had helped her tremendously. On the loooong drive home I thought about her comments for a good stretch of the 5 freeway, and while I appreciated the feedback I have finally had a Come To Jesus moment ... I have decided it's OK not to be great at everything. What a relief!

It was a revelation. One does not have to be great at all things! You don't even have to be good at all things. Or competent. For example, I will never rock at synchronized swimming, or tennis, or calculus. I know with absolute clarity I will never be great at submarine driving or performing heart surgery or playing the clarinet. And I will never be smooth at public speaking. I will talk too fast and shake and sound twangy and sweat a lot and overshare. The fact that I no longer barf after each event and the very notion that I leave my house and do something that terrifies me is fine enough progress for me. I'll take it.

I am sure Toastmasters is great for so many people but I have made the executive decision to be happy with being less than mediocre at talking in public. And instead of focusing more energy on something I don't love, I would rather put all that time and energy into becoming better at stuff I truly enjoy like writing and knitting and learning to cook and gardening and cat herding. I never wanted to be a public speaker and I know I'm goofy which is why I appreciate all the more every person who comes to these events and doesn't expect anything other than just a silly, sweaty fun time. Tony Robbins I am not. I can make coffee nervous.

So that was Saturday. It was fun to meet you all! I loved seeing what everyone was knitting and the coffee was delicious and the KnitLits and Knitsters were a pure delight to meet. Connie, thank you for the tea, I already made a cup yesterday morning and it was delicious. OH-- and I met a friend of Ellen Bloom's! Adding more fuel to my theory that Ellen is the Seven Degrees of Kevin Bacon of the yarn world. And Lori gave me a guided tour of the library which is beautiful and peaceful. Plus I got the opportunity to decide for myself that I am OK with being not great at something. And there were cookies. A very good day.

- - -

This morning I woke to the sounds of multiple helicopters hovering over my rooftop. As I lay there in the bed I pondered the possibilities:

1) Overnight tsunami made the new shoreline of Southern California somewhere around Ventura Blvd.
2) Lindsey Lohan passed out in car outside Valley sushi restaurant
3) Hostage situation near the Marc Jacobs bags in Bloomies
4) Alien Invasion
5) Traffic

I turned on the TV and discovered it was not aliens but was instead traffic. The 101 Freeway is totally shut down westbound in Sherman Oaks.


High speed chase, crash, officer-involved shooting, helicopters. Hello, Monday!

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