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May 14, 2010

Don't be a drag, participate. Clams on the half shell and roller-skates ... roller-skates!

'Cause these are the good times... leave your cares behind...

Hello, Friday.
You know once you get into thinking about three good things for the day it gets easier to think of one more and one more. Sometimes they're small, and that is A-Ok. Like today mine are:

1) Two-buck Chuck (it's a whole line of wines from Trader Joe's that are just $1.99 a bottle and not bad at all.) We have a date later tonight. I'll be looking hot, he'll be wearing a label and nothing else.

2) The smell of an old book.

3) Romantic comedies. Tonight I'm going to re-watch Sweet Home Alabama, I just have the urge to hear Reese Witherspoon say, "You have a baby! In a bar."

What are your favorite romantic comedies? Working Girl? Pretty Woman? Bridget Jones? Cats & Dogs? You know there is something sort of liberating about admitting to the universe at large that your big Friday night plans involve cheap wine, a good DVD and a gourmet dinner of microwave popcorn ... and you're really excited about it. I love microwave popcorn (good thing #4) and I desperately look forward to that feeling I get on Friday nights after work when I walk in the door and put down the gigantopurse and take off my shoes and the whole house just sighs in relief around me. (Good thing #5.)

Maybe I'll make it a rom-com weekend. What do you recommend ... Romancing the Stone? 9-to-5? The Princess Bride? Under the Tuscan Sun? Say Anything? High Fidelity? I always love your book and movie suggestions. I'm convinced you are the most hilarious and interesting audience online (Good thing #6, a million times over.) You always have excellent taste. And while I'm at it, I swear you look like you've lost weight.

Oh! One last thing (good thing #7). In just a little over a week I'm doing my very first ever speaking engagement at a public library! I am SO excited, which if you knew me would shock you since I generally have to be very medicated to speak in public. But libraries are where I grew up, it's like second church for me. To be asked to speak at one is just beyond great. Here's the details:

May 22 at 2 p.m.
San Juan Capistrano Regional Library
31495 El Camino Real
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

I hope you can make it. We'll have a great day, I'll read a bit from the book (or maybe one of the essays that never made my editor's cut, who knows!) and then you can ask any old question you want and I'll answer and sweat nervously. Oh, and bring your knitting! The ladies organizing this event have a book and knitting group called The Knit Lits. BEST NAME EVER. (Good thing #8.)

Well, having said all that, let us now go forth and participate in Friday. Clams on the halfshell and roller skates, roller skates!

Posted by laurie at May 14, 2010 12:04 AM