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April 28, 2010


Hello, Wednesday!

Are you watching DWTS? I never saw The Bachelor (but of course have seen Clean House a bazillion times) so I was glad Niecey got to stay. She's funny.

So, I may have to pause re-reading The Trial and move directly to a big glossy pile of Us Weekly. Based on my day yesterday, it seems Josef K. and Fräulein Laürie work at the same bank. Whoops. It could have been worse, though... I could have woken up today to discover I was a big bug. As I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth this morning, I noticed with relief that I hadn't transformed into a giant roach. I brushed, I double-checked the mirror for stray antennae, fed the cats and sat finally to write and all I could think was, "Today is a good day because I woke up and I'm not an insect."

Then I thought, "Oh, what do I know? It's not even quarter 'til five in the morning. This day hasn't even turned on for most people. I could still be a bug by day's end." We'll see how it turns out... everyone loves a mystery!

Kafka is weird and tangled and I enjoy him but maybe this one was way too close to home. I have him in my purse just in case. Maybe we'll hang out at lunch and spin conspiracy theories. Or maybe I'll catch up on my Entertainment Weekly instead.

So, when I was in the shower (where I do my best thinking) I was wondering why TV seems less scary/real to some folks than books. (I'm the exact opposite -- too much CSI or Dexter gives me nightmares and keeps me awake all night hearing imaginary scary noises.) (Even though I like those shows.) (Parenthetical, parenthetical.)

Do you think it's because books feel more intimate than TV? More persuasive? Do books make more of an impression because they take more time to get through? I read a study once that said your body burns more calories reading a book than watching TV. Maybe you get more wrapped up in a book, mentally and physically. Maybe I am way too curious about this subject and need to move on.

Here's another question: When it comes to entertainment are you a re-visitor or always a first-timer? I got a comment from a reader last week (I can't find the actual comment because it's been commentageddon around here lately with the book giveaways and stuff) but it said something like:

I never go back and re-read books or watch movies again, life is too short to waste time on something I've already read or seen when there is more out there to experience.

That is a whole new way of approaching the world, and I honestly had never thought of it, not with my beloved books and favorite movies. (Sure I'll happily never revisit many epochs of my fashion sense or 98.99999% of the stupid stuff I have done while dating) but never re-read a book? It almost made me sad! It's the exact opposite of my nature ... I want to hold on to things I've loved, they're comforting to me.

But it's an interesting take on life, the idea that re-visiting is wasting time you could spend doing something new. So -- what do you think? Do you think life is all about moving on to the next new thing? Is re-reading time wasted or time well-spent? (Obviously there is no right answer, it's all opinion and personal preference. I'm just curious about you.)

Maybe I am hopelessly antiquated, but I love the feeling of revisiting an old book or movie. I reach for my well-worn favorites a lot -- The Stand, Gone with the Wind, anything by Michael Crichton (especially Timeline), The Awakening, Le Divorce, Rage of Angels (I love me some Sidney Sheldon!) Picking up an old favorite is like visiting with an old friend. I do this with movies, too. There's very little in my life that can't be remedied by watching The Princess Bride in my pajamas. Other movies I watch over and over are The Bourne movies, Wag the Dog, French Kiss, Under the Tuscan Sun, Volver, The Sound of Music, anything by John Hughes.

I can't imagine my life without many happy years of The Sound of Music ahead! Then again, I can eat the same thing for lunch every day for a week. And I park my car in the same spot most days. And I still have books from the 9th grade. I am a creature of habit, definitely. The good part is I know every word to every song in The Sound of Music. The downside is maybe I do not embrace all changes as quickly as I'd like.

- - -

Best email I got all week:

From: Samantha D. Tuesday, April, 27, 2010 at 11:49:19

I don't know how to leave a comment but I wanted to say if you ever get a copy of the book "Men Who Want Women Who Knit" - well I'll take one of those!!! :)

That had me cracking up all day long.

- - -

Best comment yesterday:

time4mercy wrote: And now for something completely different: on your recommendation, I ordered some Dr. Bronner's soap. Haven't tried it yet, but it smells lovely. I was just wondering -- does it always come with Free Bonus Crazytalk on every bottle?? :)

It does! All the astrocrazy is completely free, actually I saw a great documentary once on the whole Dr. Bronner's family and it was FASCINATING. I'm pretty sure the documentary I saw was this one: Dr. Bronner's Magic Soapbox. It went into all the tales of how he escaped a mental asylum and went on to create this really cool soap world.

I loved it because it reminded me that even when life is nuts and you're in a mental institution it is possible to escape and create something so smellgood and feelgood that it can clean both your hair and your floors. Amen to the promise of possibility! Or so says Fräulein Laürie.

Posted by laurie at April 28, 2010 6:38 AM