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April 22, 2010


Last night The Count of Monte Cristo and I spent some quality time together, I am SO GLAD I picked up this book. I had just gotten a few pages in when I read:

"What's the matter, father? You don't look well." "It's nothing; it will pass," said the old man; but his strength failed and he fell backward. "You need a glass of wine," said Edmond. "That will make you feel better. Where do you keep your wine?"

Oh hell yeah. I am so reincarnated from someone previously French. I, too, believe in the medicinal and healing properties of wine. And love and intrigue and carefully honed revenge fantasies.

Got a little reading in before work, too.

When I'm writing I try not to read anything contemporary because I'm paranoid about absorbing that author's voice even in the smallest detail. So I'm loving reading the very not-contemporary voice of Dumas (classics are good anyway, because imitating that style just doesn't happen in my brain). The writing is still deeply engaging and the subject matter is also timely for me. Yes, that's right, I too am imprisoned in the Ch√Ęteau d'If. Yeah yeah mine is a little more metaphorical ... though it is pretty iffy! hah. Cracked myself up.

- - -

I've been knitting, though I'm still knitting for other people (I seem to be taking orders these days: Hey can you knit me some handwarmers? Hey, can you knit a hat for so-and-so?) and I just finished these colorful handwarmers for one of the gals in the office:


Cast on 40 stitches, I think I used a size 5 needle but normal humans who don't knit teflon-tight could use a size 4, then work in K4, P4 ribbing, finish the last inch with some seed stitch. Sew up the sides leaving a hole for the thumb. SO easy!

For these cozy handwarmers I used TLC essentials yarn in a variegated color called "fall leaves" and I love how the colors turned out! I know some people are yarnsnobby about acrylic but I often find exactly the perfect texture and color in a nice skein of good old-fashioned TLC or Red Heart. And it's very durable.

Happy customer.

- - -

OH! I am officially giving you the heads up that tomorrow I am doing an awesome book giveaway content thingy and the prize is really good! So tune in. I will try to post it early and leave it up late enough for everyone to get a comment in.

- - -

The weather has been cold and wintry lately, very unusual for April. The furballs enjoyed having the fireplace on and me all tangled up in the sofa with a fluffy blanket and a book last night. I love it when they follow me into whatever room I'm hanging out in and find their own spots to relax. My little four-legged roommates.




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