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April 7, 2010

The good, the bad, the ugly and expensive. But then the whatever.

So! The good news is they got my workstation running for just long enough to make me insanely happy, thinking I was past the cloud of anti-tech vibes I'm under right now, and then once I was lulled into that false sense of security it died again. And may never be recovered, we do not know. That is actually bad news, but the good news is the tech they have assigned to my situation is the world's best and is magic and can fix all sorts of things. Including maybe I will not have to call upon lovely reader Wendy's tech friend she put me in touch with to fix my external backup since A) I will be working until midnight trying to catch up on all my projects since I am working on an unfamiliar computer now with none of my original files and do not even have the energy to open my door when I get home, even for a fix-it man and 2) the magic IT guy at work said he would look at it for me. Maybe out of pity, or maybe because I promised I would stop humping his leg.

Also, as my anti-tech vibe continues, I just went down to the ATM to get cash and it was out of order. And my car is making a suddenly new and expensive noise which started about ten minutes before I pulled into the garage so the mechanics there who keep selling me radiators are looking at my Jeep. That was the bad news, in case you were wondering. Also, the ugly and expensive, most likely.

But whatever. These things they happen. I am glad really, just get all the breaking out of the way at one time. (Ok, I'm not "glad" but I can't fix any of this myself and the universe is mysterious and this is just how my life rolls so I now roll with it instead of crying in a corner eating my hair.)

Speaking of eating thanks for all the funny and interesting comments about chicken nugget lovin' kids yesterday. I have lots of friends my age who have kids (oh who are we kidding, I am about the only one I know with no children) and I am endlessly fascinated by how well they all navigate the tricky waters of parenting. I'm not a parent, but I know the avalanche of unsolicited advice I get on even the smallest things, like cat litter or my aversion to breakfast, so I can't imagine what parents today go through fielding advice, finger-wagging and the information overload bombarded at all of us on every topic. It was really entertaining to me to hear everyone's picky eater stories and eats-everything stories and all in between.

I can certainly be picky in my own right. I don't love mushrooms, I prefer vegetables to fruit, I need my steaks cooked well done. We all have our stuff. Reader Dee pointed out that McDonald's didn't introduce the nugget until the '80s (and our small town didn't even have a McDonald's) so I think that explains why nugget-only palates mystify me since I wasn't exposed to it myself very early on. I was never a kid who got to be picky about food, we didn't have that kind of set-up in our house, but I was insane about other stuff, like I had to carry Sam (my stuffed animal) everywhere and sleep with him every night or the world would END. END, I tell you. I was a weird kid anyway, always writing my little stories in my little notebooks and having imaginary friends and being secretive and wanting to be called a different name. Usually plant names -- Jasmine, Clover, etc. All our battles at the dinner table revolved around someone hollering at me to get my nose out of that book and eat already.

And I guess I am an equally weird adult because it doesn't surprise me at all when I have a week or two where everything I touch breaks -- except the big old blocky downstairs TV which I even hugged last night and still it soldiers ever onward.

Posted by laurie at April 7, 2010 10:31 AM