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April 21, 2010

Organizing the hoard

Thanks for all the amazing book ideas yesterday. I'm going to leave comments open there for a while because I'm loving all the suggestions and I like seeing the way we all define a classic in our own way. I agree that The Stand is a classic -- I re-read it every time I get the flu. Because it might be Captain Tripps, you know.

When I need to escape there's nothing better than a great book. Or a really engrossing movie. Actually, I have all kinds of escapism happening (that living in the moment stuff is bullhockey when the moment kind of sucks.) (They are now revoking my self-help card.) Sometimes I obsessively re-arrange stuff. It's one of the things I do when my life feels like it's careening out of control and off into scary unknown territory. I organize my books by color, or take all the stuff out from under the bathroom sink and re-arrange it, or I play Freezer Tetris and stack and clean and get everything neat and orderly in the freezer. I also go clean-crazy during stressful times, vacuuming everything that can be vacuumed and re-grouting the tub. It is what I do. I also drink wine and eat potato chips, although that makes for far less compelling photo essays.

Over the weekend I got all my yarn out from its hiding places in the closets of my office and re-arranged it all. I wanted to put the Noro with the Noro, the alpaca with the alpaca, the SWS with its kindred skeins. I used to be embarrassed by my weird need to have ALL THE YARN but now I don't care, because if I am suddenly and unexpectedly jobless, I will have ALL THE YARN. I love my yarn. I mean I love it, I love looking at it and having it and thinking about what I may one day make with it. This yarn makes me happy. It's five-almost-six years of collecting gone right.

Midway through my stress-relieving yarnfest.

So much Rubbermaid, so little time.

I had a helper!

Who is a giant!

That's the wold's single largest supply of Patons Up Country, hiding inside one of the closets.

Stash in the other closet.

Not all of the yarn would fit in the closets, so I decided to make a cat perch out of two of my more gigantor buckets. It's the perfect height for a window lookout. They like it.

So that's my stash, mostly. I like to have it ziplocked and ensconced in bins and stacked and arranged just-so and now it is. All my half-finished projects with the needles still attached are all in one big tub together, so the next time I'm looking for something to finish I'll have a one-stop shop for UFOs.

I wasn't the only one who enjoyed yarn-organizing day. My big helper had a big time, too.


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