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April 6, 2010

Ah, the best intentions

I had every intention today of showing you pictures of traffic and glamour shots of Frankie and maybe some other cats wearing fur like runway models and yet today I am having computer issues, again, and there will be no pictures.

In the past eight days I have broken an external hard drive which may or may not ever be fixable and houses all my photos and assorted stuffage, I have broken a USB thumb drive (really broken, like in half) and now a whole PC. My magical powers of breaking stuff are in full form! Later tonight I plan to do a laying on of my own hands upon the huge old boxy TV in my living room that refuses to die so it can be replaced by one of those sleek new flat things. Who knows. I could maybe blow the power grid later today. If you live in L.A. and the lights go out, I'm just saying, maybe soon I'll get a new TV.

Anyway! In the meantime let us talk about TeeVee, my friend, my current deepest relationship, my one gadget that still works. First there is the untimely leaving of Didi from American Idol, she has such a pretty voice. Why her and not the interchangeable tweeny guys? And Fox, can you please get with the program and understand that an hour has only 60 minutes and so when you go over that those of us who Tivo your shows miss the very end? And frankly not all of us want to clip our next programs by three minutes because you are too dumb to understand how to plan six minutes of programming to fit inside a 60-minute slot. Get the memo!

Next, Dancing With The Stars. Yes, I watch. Judge silently to yourself. On the first night when Pam Anderson did the chacha (or whatever that was) it was so sleazy I think my TV got herpes. However she has really surprised me these last two times, so why was she in the bottom two and not Buzz? Mystery. Also I was surprised by both how good and how flat-out gorgeous Erin Andrews is. The new co-host also takes Awkward to new heights which is kind of funny.

Did anyone start watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution? I Tivoed it out of curiosity and got kind of sucked in. Who knew the U.S. schools had such weird food guidelines? Two breads per meal? I did know that whole thing about ketchup counting as a vegetable and all but I think I don't pay much attention to this sort of stuff since I don't have kids. And maybe it's because I don't have kids but I have never really understood chicken nugget syndrome, something painfully illustrated in this show. I have friends around my age and they have small children who will eat nothing but chicken nuggets and I hear this from all sorts of people, "That's all my kid will eat!" and I just don't get it. Kids aren't born genetically craving chicken nuggets. They eat what you feed them. Or am I completely insane and in the past 20 years children have mutated and now spring forth fully-formed into chicken nugget cravers?

I don't think I ever saw or heard of a nugget until I was a teenager. Sure, I ate fried chicken growing up, I'm Southern, but we didn't have this whole picky eater nugget thing going on. The luxury of pitching a hissy about food wasn't normal or tolerated. You ate what was served or you didn't eat but it wasn't a big deal. I know parenting has changed and all that, and hey you should feed your kid whatever you want, it's not my place to judge. So I'm not taking some moral waterloo stance here, I'm just very curious about it. When I travel I see kids all over the world eating real food like the grownups do. So is it just American kids who have chicken nugget syndrome? I've always wanted to know. It's very interesting to me.

How did this become a nugget thing? And please don't send me hate mail, I'm not judging parenting/mothering/child-rearing or that time you stalked your ex on Facebook. We all know I am crackass addicted to fast food so it's not like I'm going to point a finger, but my addiction was entirely self-inflicted. Merely curious about the nugget situation. Back to TeeVee!

Finally, I still watch and love Castle. Nathan Fillion is so cute and I love the chemistry with Castle and Beckett and I am so glad that the network didn't cancel that show.

Well, back to Tuesday and my superpowers of breaking technology. Who knows what havoc I can unleash! I better not touch the Tivo, though. I can lose data and backups and whole computers but losing Tivo would be a tragedy far greater than calling ketchup a vegetable.

Posted by laurie at April 6, 2010 9:55 AM