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March 31, 2010


Thanks so much to everyone who participated today in the book give-away! And seriously good vibes to the author, Adrienne Martini, who I hope has a big fat bestseller on her hands with Sweater Quest: My Year of Knitting Dangerously. And I had no idea you'd bring out all the flattery in your comments and by the way, flattery totally works on me. I am very shallow. I love you back. Let's go have a glass of wine and knit something in self-striping yarn.

So! We have two winners, I've alerted both by email and will update you with their first names when they get back to me. I even already packaged the books (gasp!) to be sent out tomorrow. I know in the past I have sucked at mailing in a timely fashion and am determined to be MUCH better.

I haven't done a book give-away in a long while and I am so happy that ya'll are into it because I have a whole line up of cool knitting book giveaways coming up!

The next one is with one of my favorite knitters ever but that's all I'll say for now, keeping you on your toes and all. And I'll be throwing in signed copies of my books for each one of these freebie fests. I LOVE giving stuff away and now that I have my box o' Wine books (hah) I can do a bunch of these little impromptu sweepstakes. I'm sorry I am so lame and disorganized that I make you post a comment but it's faster than setting up a form and I am nothing if not lazy and technophobic. And honestly no flattery is required, you can just post Hey to your mutha or whatever floats your boat, and I do read all the comments because you are my social life. Seriously. That's not sad is it?

But the point here is that there will be loads of opportunities to win free books in the coming weeks so do not despair if you didn't win this time. There is always tomorrow as Scarlett would say....

You all just had me cracking up with your posts. I am so glad the comments are back and knock on wood have only broken once in the past few months. So, in reply: I apologize for those I have gotten addicted to the show "Hoarders," though I am secretly pleased to have you share my addiction. The quilt that Soba was sprawled across is about fourteen years old, I bought it here in L.A. and I love it so much I am always stitching up the frayed bits hoping to make it last forever. Yes, I definitely do think the camera adds 45 pounds even for little kitties. Oh, the camera I bought was this Canon PowerShot. It was SO WORTH the $129. I am thrilled with it. As for the button thing I tried to write it out in my pink-sweater-post's comments but hereby promise that next week As God Is My Witness I will do a post on buttons. I, too, am a knitter who prefers rectangles over most other projects, and you're right about our weird L.A. weather which is giving us frigid winter temperatures in March (a high of 58? We may perish!) and traffic, which is my favorite subject. And love you for loving Dallas Raines with me.

Recently my mom and I were having a conversation and I said, "Do you think Dallas Raines knows I take pictures of him on my TV and call him Dapper Dallas?"

"I'm sure he has the restraining order up on his mantelpiece," she said.

"Well it's not like I'm going to leave my house and go stalk him or something," I said. "That would require me to leave my home and talk to people. I won't even go to Home Depot because it's too much effort."

"I'm sure he'd be relieved to hear you're too weird to leave your house," she said.

"Do you think Al Gore is jealous?"

And so on and so forth...

- - -

Thanks again, everyone!

Posted by laurie at March 31, 2010 5:06 PM