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March 24, 2010

Of yarn and spuds

When I am feeling mildly slumpy, or schlumpy, I try to surround myself with things I like that make me happy and at the top of my list are yarn and potatoes.

This yarn is one of my all-time favorites:



It's a big pile of Patons Soy Wool Stripes in geranium. I'm knitting it on size 11 needles because eventually I plan to felt it down into a laptop case. Still to be determined is whether or not I will unearth my sewing machine from the tragically-as-yet-unpacked pile of stuff in my office and add a lining and a zipper or will I fake it with a flap and velcro... who knows! Life is mysterious and unpredictable that way. The very best thing about this yarn (aside from its colors, which are lovely) is that it felts up like a dream.

In fact, if you are a SupaTight knitter like some people we know your SWS may start felting even as you knit! If it weren't so feltable I would think this would make a beautiful sweater. I'm not much of a handwasher so I like my sweaters unfeltable and machine washable, but even as I have been knitting up this rectangle I keep thinking I'd love a sweater that looks just like this.

Most of the knitting I have done in the past year has been for other people: babies, mostly, and squares for blankets for babies. Just yesterday I finished the squares I had to do for the group blanket one of the ladies at work is putting together and I have finished what I think is my last baby project for a while so I'm going to be selfish, stingy, yarn-hoardery and just knit a few things now for me, me, me. Starting with this easy little laptop case and then I want to knit myself a pair of gloves (which I am very excited about). AlterKnits Felt also has a pattern for a gigantic felted tote which I think would be beautiful and I could use all those single skeins of wool I have lounging in my mountain of stash.

- - -

Last night I went home a bit early so I could make myself a proper dinner and go to bed early and get myself out of that day. I love potatoes with a fiery passion. There is something so comforting and so relaxing and soothing about eating a potato. I guess I feel about the spud the way some folks feel about chocolate or crack cocaine or whatever your drug of choice is. For me, comfort food is and will always be the potato. I love them shredded, baked, boiled, fried, sauteed, oven-roasted, smashed, mashed, chopped or whole. I like all the varieties, too, waxy reds and creamy golds and starchy Russets.

The recipe I made last night was Rachael Ray's Jacques Pepin style potatoes. I used very small yellow fingerling potatoes and I skipped the parsley. I forgot to take a picture of it in the pan, but here are some leftovers in a dish:


Served with a little fillet of fish and some roasted cauliflower and it was a very satisfying meal. I'm counting this as one of my four new recipes this month even though it isn't hard, it was a new recipe and it turned out great. Cooking the potatoes in the broth really adds flavor, and then you have butter and Parmesan to top it off and make it just perfect.

A good antidote to slumpy!

Posted by laurie at March 24, 2010 10:17 AM